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The Nintendo Conference 2010 is being held in  Japan today, right now, even as we speak. We will keep bringing you all the latest news from it. Just stay tuned.

Please keep hitting F5 to refresh the page. We will be continually updating it.

  • As soon as the show began, Nintendo requested all those present there to not take any pictures until the show got over.
  • Iwata shows everyone the final 3DS design. The colour of slidepad is different now, and even the stylus looks kind of different.
  • Pokemon Black and White have sold a 2.5 million copies. That’s a record.
  • They’re talking about the Wii, maybe they might make Motion Plus officially in-built for all Wiimotes.
  • Oh, they have made it official. The new Wiimote, with built in Wii Motion Plus, called the Wii Remote Plus. More details will be given on that later.
  • Nintendo will be releasing a special, Super Mario Bros edition of the DSi XL, in celebration of Mario’s 25th anniversary, and it will be released next month in Japan for 18,000 yen.
  • A video shows up, showing Miis on the 3DS. You can take a picture of yourself using the in-built cameras and incorporate it into the Miis.
  • You can use the local wireless “tag mode” to transmit this into games such as Nintendogs.
  • Tag mode will allow a 3DS to communicate with other 3DS systems while on sleep mode, and data can be transmitted between them no matter which game is plugged in. Apparently, all games will support this tech on the 3DS.
  • Nintendo says the 3DS is awesome because it is like a portable console. Uh-oh. This sounds a lot like the PSP.
  • Now they’re saying it does much more than just play 3D vids. Ok, now they’re sounding A LOT like Sony.
  • You can put the 3DS in a cradle to download stuff faster.
  • A video shows developers talking about the 3DS. Namco Bandai says it would like to use the Tag Mode for exchanging rankings and ghost data in Ridge Racer 3D. Capcom says they want to make a Street Fighter that can be played everywhere. You will be able to recieve fight requests practically everywhere.
  • There will be a little light on the upper-right corner of the system, so that you will know if the Tag Mode did anything without actually using the system.
  • Tag Mode can store data from multiple games at once, even when they are not plugged in into the system.
  • You can save a picture of your Miis on an SD card.
  • 180 million Miis across the world, says Iwata. You can take a picture of yourself, fiddle with it, and make it your Mii.
  • There’s a Tag Mode Mii Plaza.
  • Iwata shows the system can merge two images into one, as he demonstrates with his and Miyamoto’s pictures.
  • The 3DS will have something like a virtual console for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games!
  • 3DS will come with a 2GB SD Card packed.
  • The home button can be used to access the system’s functions in between on the game. Quite much like the Xbox 360.
  • All stuff you do will be recorded. There’s something called the Memory Notebook, more details later.
  • 3DS can connect with Wifi in sleep mode to auto-download and exchange ghost data, rankings and stuff.
  • No setup required for the Tag Mode. It will work practically right out of the box. It will automatically connect to Nintendo Zones and DS stations.
  • Come on, we want Achievements.
  • Nintendo is teaming up with NTT for Wifi hotspots.
  • February 25th is the release date of the 3DS in Japan, it will cost 25,000 yen.
  • March for Europe and North America.
  • No price given for western release. But 25,000 yen is something like $300. That’s a freaking lot of money. But let’s wait, DSi XL was something like $250 in Japan and $180 in US.
  • Launch colours are most probably blue and black.
  • Video shows games on the 3DS- Pilotwings, Ocarina and many more.
  • The launch colours are called Aquatic Blue and Cosmo Black.
  • Fuji TV will distribute 3D videos on a daily basis.
  • Another video- Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario and much more. Awesome.
  • Plans for the 3DS in western regions will be announced later.
  • Iwata says 3rd party titles don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles. The 3DS will change that.
  • Another video with developer comments. Square, Level-5, Capcom, Kojima Productions, Tecmo, everyone is praising the 3DS.
  • The 3DS will supports 32 GB max, unless and until Nintendo releases a firmware update.
  • Iwata thanks the audiences and walks off the stage.
  • What the hell? The show is over.
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