Nintendo on Wii U: “It’s not about power”, It is about fun, it is about the experience

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Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime has reacted angrily at the constant comments about how the Wii U is underpowered. He revealed that it’s not about power, but about having fun and also threw an example how going with power with Gamecube got them nowhere.

“Three comments. First, it’s not about power. If it was about power, then the GameCube would have been the number one system in its generation and the Wii wouldn’t have been the number one system in this last generation. It is not about power. It is about fun, it is about the experience,” he said in an interview with Globe and Mail.

“Second. Our competitors can say what they want about some super long cycle, but let’s see what their behaviours are. Thirdly, the way development works is that the longer developers work with a system, the better they can tune performance.

“Case in point: Look at the very first GameCube games, and compare them to a game like Resident Evil 4. It was graphically beautiful, and demonstrably more advanced than the first GameCube games.

“The same was true for Wii. A great example is Super Mario Galaxy 2. The graphics are just beautiful. And look at the motion control we were able to achieve in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”

He also mentioned that the developers will get more out of the system once they learn how to code for it. It was the right time to launch a new hardware and mentioned that what the Wii U offered to people cannot be found be rivalled on other platforms.

“The longer developers work on a system the more they tune it, the more they push the system, the more they learn tricks to really optimise performance. I share this because what you see here at E3 are games that represent a relatively short amount of development time. Imagine what we’ll see two years from now when developers have been working with Wii U longer and learn how to push everything out of the system.

“Our competitors will do what they want. From our perspective, this is the right time to launch a new piece of hardware. And, the fun, the capabilities, and the experiences that we’re offering today with a second screen are demonstrably better than what can be done today on other platforms.”

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