Nintendo: You Can Use More Than One Wii U Controller

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Nobody at Nintendo has no f**king clue, do they?

Unlike the debut of the 3DS at last year’s E3, which won rave reviews from everybody, the Wii U reveal left everybody’s head scratching. The fundamental problem of what exactly the Wii U was- a new console, a new controller, a new iteration- having been (unsatisfactorily) answered, there were still questions about the console that remained unanswered- about its power, about its online infrastructure, and most of all, about its fancy new Wii U controller.

The early message was that the Wii U could only support one Wii U controller (and four other non Wii U controllers) at a time. This was hastily amended to ‘it’s possible to support up to two controllers, but we’re focusing on only one per game right now.’ This was later restated as ‘it would be technically difficult to support more than one Wii U controller at full capacity.’

Apparently, now it seems all of that was a misconception born out of the initial statement from Nintendo that said that ‘only one Wii U controller will be shipped per console, and Wii U controllers will not be sold separately.’

Here’s what a rep from Nintendo of Canada had to say about the matter:

“Let me correct something that is a misconception. We said that the Wii U system will come with one Wii U controller, but we haven’t said that you can only use one Wii U controller. The fact is that if the developer makes a game or an experience that uses more than one, then anything is possible. What we’ve also talked about is to imagine taking some of the experiences you’ve had at your own home, putting them on your Wii U controller, and taking that with you somewhere else. That would again get rid of that myth and misconception that only one can be used. So, the possibility is there, but the system will only come with one at this point.”

Okay, so that’s how it stands right now.

You can check out the full interview here at GoNintendo. The full interview talks about a lot of stuff, including continued support for the Wii, a new Metroid, and the possibility of Nintendo celebrating more franchise anniversaries like it did Mario and Zelda.

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