No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises: Tips And Tricks For Economy Scanner

Some tips and tricks on using the new Economy Scanner in the game.

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises

One of the many new things added by No Man’s Sky in the Atlas Rising update is the Economy Scanner, a gadget that more trade minded players can use to plan routes. The economy scanner lets you basically know what kind of resources and industry you will find in a system, so that you can plot your course accordingly.

You have to build one for yourself- so first, let’s go through how to build one:

  • Buy the Blueprint for the scanner from a vendor; it should cost around 400 Nanite clusters
  • Collect 200 Thamium and 200 Heridium to build the scanner

Using a Scanner is simple:

  • Open your map and change the filter to economy. Star systems will be colored, with each color corresponding to a different kind of industry:
    • Orange – Mining
    • Red – Fuel and Isotopes
    • Blue/Cyan – Science and Nano Construction
    • Green – Trade Goods and Commodities
    • Purple –Processing Goods, Fusing Materials, Raw and Crafted Products
    • Yellow – Ores

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