No Man’s Sky Has A Game Breaking Bug

But it can be avoided and sidestepped rather easily- at least if you’re a relatively new player.

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is a great game about the joys of exploration, and it seems that there are many players worldwide who are enjoying all that it has to offer- but it also appears as though it might have a significant bug, that could impede with your ability to enjoy or indeed, even play the game.

The bug has to do with the ship you get if you pre-order the game- the ship comes with a hyperdrive, which lets you travel to other star systems. So far, so good, but at the same time, the game also apparently takes the presence of the hyperdrive as its cue to skip an entire tutorial that ends with you getting a blueprint for a hyperdrive- and when that is skipped, the game also does not let you get any further blueprints for the hyperdrive, nor does it let you get any other ships with hyperdrives in them (meaning if you trade this one away, you’re just stuck in whatever star system you happened to be in at that time).

Given the nature of the bug, it is fairly easy to avoid it- you either don’t access the pre-order bonus ship until you are done with the hyperdrive tutorial, or you just don’t trade the hyperdrive ship away. In all cases, you also sit tight and hope to goodness Hello Games patch this ridiculous oversight out as soon as possible.

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