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Everything you need to know about your staff in Park Beyond.

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People power has always been a mainstay of management simulators like Park Beyond. This guide will outline each of the four types of Staff you can hire, as well as what their duties are, and what their Impossifications improve upon.

Staff Statistics

Staff members are tracked with several stats, all of which are listed on the Staff page of the menus. Each Staff member has an Efficiency rating, which is based upon their current Energy level, Experience level, and Salary. Efficiency determines how effective they are at doing their job in a timely manner. Experience is accrued during the routine course of performing their duties. With five levels of Experience to earn, each level will give a boost to Efficiency in 10% increments. Salary is a shortcut of sorts to improving the Efficiency rating, that pegs a monetary value to it–simply raise their Salary for an instant boost to their Efficiency.

Energy is simply a meter that measures exhaustion through action. So if a Staff member performs a job, their Energy bar will decrease, leading to a corresponding loss in Efficiency. Simply construct Staff Lounges from the Service And Staff Facilities tab under Shops & Facilities, in order to replenish your Staff’s Energy levels by resting. Since they are relatively cheap, consider scattering several Staff Lounges in low visitor foot traffic areas of your park, to accommodate as many of your Staff members as possible, as often as possible.

Gear is an indicator of whether the Staff member is in their vanilla role, or has been Impossified.

Every type of Staff member has several class abilities which they will perform automatically. If you want to exert some measure of control, you can micro-manage which of these abilities kick in at any given time, by simply toggling them off (or on) in the individual member’s page. This can be helpful in certain scenarios such as having a Mechanic that focuses exclusively on repairing Flat Rides, not maintaining them, and ignoring Roller Coasters and Shops entirely.

Types of Staff

There are four types of staff in Park Beyond: the Janitor, the Mechanic, the Paramedic, and the Entertainer. Listed below are their duties and their Impossifications.


Cleans up any residue that visitors leave behind, no matter the size, shape, or aggregation state, in a tireless effort to keep the park nice and tidy.

“We love our customers, but they tend to be crafty litterbugs…”

  • Clean Toilet
  • Pick Up Litter
  • Remove Puke
  • Empty Trash Can

Bin-Cinerator: Increases the efficiency of emptying trash cans.

“Ooh, that new Bin-Cinerator is going to be a big hit with the janitors AND the guests! And it’s surprisingly safe… Just so long as nobody throws away any fireworks.”–Sofia


Tinkers with the intricate mechanics of our cutting-edge attractions to ensure the park’s rides and facilities run smoothly and efficiently.

“In short, every engineer’s hero!”

  • Maintain Flat Ride
  • Maintain Roller Coaster
  • Maintain Shop
  • Repair Flat Ride
  • Repair Roller Coaster
  • Repair Shop

Dextro-Rig: Increases the efficiency of maintaining and repairing rides.

“Those Dextro-Rigs are really going to make our mechanic’s jobs so much easier. Well, unless the AI which controls them gains sentience and rebels, but the chances of that are like thirty percent, tops.”–Sofia


Takes care of visitors showing (highly unlikely) side effects of being exposed to an increased number of impossified rides and other (completely unforeseen) ailments possibly hampering their stay in the park.

“The realm of amazement is not for the faint of heart, after all!”

  • Replenish Visitor Needs
  • Cure Newphoria
  • Treat Nausea

PsychAmp Rig: Enables curing Newphoria of multiple visitor groups in the vicinity at once.

“I’ll be honest, I poured a lot of myself into those PsychAmp Rigs – the harmonics they produce are completely killer! Well, not actually killer – that’d be bad. They’re actually curer, but that isn’t a word.”–Sofia


Inspires visitors to fully immerse themselves into the scenery, enhancing their overall experience of the park and making their stay the best it can be.

“Also, who doesn’t like to dress up?”

  • Entertain Visitors
  • Perform at Entertainment Points

Captain Twinkle

“It’s not often that I find myself lost for words, but such is the mind-bending awesomeness of this that you’re going to have to fill in the blanks yourself. Fingers crossed your head doesn’t literally explode.”–Sofia


“These costumes contain a fully functional water boiler! It’s not actually needed and it just weighs things down, but Phil insisted on verisimilitude”–Sofia. 

If at a later time, you wish to switch out the Entertainer’s costume, you can do so from the Staff page, by selecting the Staff member and clicking the tile displaying their current Impossified costume. Here is the list of other costumes available:

  • Carnival Costume
  • Frontier Costume
  • Zombie Costume
  • Ser’A’Votl
  • Emperor Sundae
  • Vitruvia Vinci
  • Zombie Abominator
  • Pac-Man
  • Blinky
  • Inky
  • Clyde
  • Pinky
  • Guiding Staff

Like in most management sims of its ilk, control of units is hands-off in Park Beyond. In order to get Staff to do what you want them to do, you will have to lead them through the use or non-use of their abilities. As mentioned previously, these duties are toggleable between on and off. Ideally, you will properly delegate highly specific duties between individuals, such as forcing a Bin-Cinerator Janitor to only Empty Trash Can. This is because of the high efficiency of the Impossification for that particular task. Likewise, only a PsychAmp Rig Paramedic should handle Cure Newphoria because of the larger area they can cover at once.

Placing Staff Lounges at the other end of a long walk to the edges of the park, from the spots where Staff usually congregates can also convince Staff to traverse over certain stretches of the paths in your park.

And that is everything to know about Staff and their roles in Park Beyond.

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