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In Prototype you will take up the role of Alex Mercer whos been infected by an unkown mutagenic virus in New York. The game revolves around the concept of “deceive and destroy” which is related to Alex’s super human abilities of absorbing the bodies of whom he has defeated. Alex’s story is related to an organisation called as GENTEK. Alex used to be an employee before the virus incident breaks out.

When the game begins, Alex wakes up with amnesia with GENTEK doctors standing besides him. Sooner hes able to get in touch with his sister Dana Mercer who than helps him find more about the virus break out , the culprits involved and how GENTEK is related to this incident. As the game features non linear gameplay Alex can take up any path he wants to uncover the mysteries behind the virus out break. As the story goes on the abilities of Alex also increases making him extremely agile and quick.


Alex can control the mass of his body, also able to transform his body in to a number of different and unqiue weapons like the blade arm which is picturized in the games art box.  Alex can use this to cause a flurry of attacks among the general masses or to the Blackwatch special forces. Another really cool move that Alex can perform is that he can mutate his hands to reach abt 50 feet in the air, grabbling near by cars , tanks and even helicopters. He can use this to cause terrible destruction along the streets of New York and can take out loads of enemies together. Also later on in the game Alex will be able to run very fast , closer to 100 miles per hour which will enable him to run over buildings  and other taller obstcales in the city. Alex will also be able to absorb a foe. This can be especially used in sistuations where Alex is sorrounded by many emenies and he can just transform as one of them and give orders to kill them. Alex will also be able to have thermal and night vision senses due to

which he will be able to find the infected. Alex’s most powerful and awesome moves are the devastators. In one of the videos Alex is able to  attack similar to the whipfist that sends dozens of razor-sharp tendrils shooting in every direction from Alex’s body to absorb or destroy all nearby foes, the second is a variation of the ground-spike attack, in which Alex shoves his biomass into the ground, causing many large spikes to erupt from the ground in an expanding circle around him, sending foes flying.


Alex Mercner will be facing off against two factions of enemies in the game. The US Militray and the “Infected”.  Low level infected includes zombie like creatures which are present throughout the world. There are also bigger and huge variations of the Infected which are about 12-20 feet in height. They are capable of running across the city . In one of the earlier sections Alex chases one of these in the game. Also there are hydras in the game.Alex will have to use armoured tanks and helicopters to take them out. If there is one thing that will be able to match with Alex ‘s power is Elizabeth Greene who has powers similar to Alex. But we are not sure whether these two will lock horns with each other in the game. Alex will also be able to hop in the Military’s helicopter and tanks as well.

Talking about the various gameplay missions, developers have stressed that every mission in Prototype will be different. Mission types include chasing the Infected, stealth elements, aiding the Military to take out the Infected. Also as expected with open world games , side missions will be present. Prototype will be available on June 9th, 2009. Check out for a full review on soon.

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