Rainbow Six Siege Guide: Earning Renown, Level Up Faster, Tips And Tricks

A complete guide for dominating any game mode in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is now available on all major gaming platforms and in order to make your hunting easier we have compiled a comprehensive guide. Using this guide you will be able to know about every weapon, gadget, item, camo and operator. We have also included guides that will show you how to level up faster, earn experience points and earn renown quickly. Furthermore, we have also included miscellaneous tips and tricks that will help you dominate each and every match in the game.

We have also include guides for TerroHunt, multiplayer modes and Situations, and selecting the best operator. Finally, we wrap it up by including video guides for some trophies and achievements.

All Weapons, Camo, Operators and Gadgets:

There are several weapons in the game which includes but not limited to R4 Advanced, G36C, L85A2, HK33A2, F1
AK-12, HK-417, M1014, M4 Super 90, P90 TR, FMG-9, M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG, 226 MK5, USP Tactical, GSh-18
FNP-9, Barbed Wire and Sledgehammer. The video above includes all the weapons and gadgets that you can find and unlock in the game.

Furthermore, the video also takes a look at the several operators that the game offers. There are classes i.e. Operators in the game. Let us take a look at the one by one.


Glaz is an attacker that has a  Flip Sight scope allowing the player to zoom in. Fuze is an attacker that has the capability to use a Cluster Charge. Kapkan is a Defender who can use a Entry Denial Device allowing the player to set traps, and finally Tachanka is yet another Defender that has the capability to use the LMG.


Jäger specializes in defense and can take care of grenades before they explode whereas Bandit is yet another defender that specializes in putting shocked wires to take care of enemies. This class also has attackers, Blitz is one of them. Blitz uses a G52 shield that can be used to temporarily blind enemies while on the other hand IQ uses a detector to take down any electronic devices.


Leading from the front is attacker Sledge who comes packed in with a hammer that can take down walls. Smoke defender on the other hand carries explosives whereas Mute defender is able to stop the usage of drones. Finally, the Thatcher attacker specializes in EMP grenades.


This class has two attackers and two defenders. The Twin attacker can take control of unmanned devices and disable traps whereas the Montage attacker can use a shield. Rook defender provides body armor for teammates and finally the Doc has a Stim gun that can be uses to refill health of teammates.


Pulse defender carries a heartbeat indicator to detect enemies and the Castle defender can take on large amounts of enemy bullets and hits. Attacking is carried out by Thermite which carries breaching devices whereas Ash can take down walls from a distance.


Rainbow Six Siege consists of three different modes:

TerroHunt: Five players need to team up to take down enemies from several different locations in the game’s world.

Multiplayer Matches: This is your classical 5v5 matches.

Situations: This is the solo mode of Rainbow Six Siege and is the perfect way to make yourself aware of how the game works before you jump into the online modes. There are ten different situations.

How to level up faster, earn experience points (XP) quickly and Renown:

Here are some of the fastest ways to earn Renown points:

  • Complete all ten situations.
  • Watch all the tutorials.
  • Play the MP modes on the hardest difficulty. For example, play Terrorist hunt in Realistic mode.

Below are some videos that will help you level up faster and earn more renown:

Which is the best Class or Operator?

Well, it all depends on what you want your operator to do. In our gameplay experience all of them are fairly equally balanced. But if you ask us one class that standouts, it has to be Thermite under FBI SWAT due to their capability to use multiple breaches.

What are the best ways to dominate a match?

  • There is no fix way to dominate a match but in our experience, keep in mind the following points and you should be good.
  • Use signal jammers the way it should be used.
  • You can breach while jumping.
  • Players often ignore the sound of foot steps. It’s easy to make out someone walking one level above you. Use this to your advantage.
  • Don’t forget the importance of second drone.
  • Make peep holes to catch your enemy off guard.
  • And finally, don’t get spotted on a security camera.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:

Wall Tutorial:

Barricades Tutorial:

Floors Tutorial:

Achievements And Trophies Guide:

Here are video guides for some of the achievements and trophies in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Taking Point

Unlock an Attack Operator.

On Your Six 5

Unlock a Defense Operator.

Playing Favorites 10

Unlock all Operators in one CTU.

Full Roster 50

Unlock all Operators.

Jack of All Trades 50

Play as every single operator in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

To the Top 75

Reach Clearance Level 50.

Spender 50

Unlock 50 weapon attachments.

Fashion Week 20

Apply weapon skins to 30 weapons.

Terro Hurt 50

Complete 20 Terrorist Hunt missions.

Brain Surgeon 20

Get 150 Headshots in Terrorist Hunt missions.

Hit and Run 20

Complete a Terrorist Hunt mission in under 2 minutes.

Master 50

Complete a Terrorist Hunt mission on REALISTIC difficulty.

Senseless 10

Kill 10 enemies blinded from Stun Grenade in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Woodworker 20

Place 5 Barricades as a Defender in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

CQB Basics 15

Complete Situation CQB Basics.

Suburban Extraction 15

Complete Situation Suburban Extraction.

High Value Target 15

Complete Situation High Value Target.

Tubular Assault 15

Complete Situation Tubular Assault.

Cold Zero 15

Complete Situation Cold Zero.

Asset Protection 15

Complete Situation Asset Protection.

Neutralize Cell 15

Complete Situation Neutralize cell.

No Intel 20

Complete Situation No Intel.

Improvise Defense 25

Complete Situation Improvise Defense.

Heavily Fortified 25

Complete Situation Heavily Fortified.

Completionist 50

Collect all STARS in Situations.

Master and Commander 25

Earn 3 STARS in one Situation

Article 5 50

Complete mission Article 5.

Objective Driven 10

Win a round 50 times in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Ranked 10

Receive a Skill Rank in Ranked Multiplayer.

Terro Hunter 5

Kill 2500 terrorists in Terrorist Hunt.

Camper 10

Successfully complete any Defend game mode 100 times in Terrorist Hunt.

That bullet pen… 10

Kill 200 terrorists with bullet penetration in Terrorist Hunt.

Brothers in Arms 10

Revive injured teammates 10 times in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

Designer 10

Customize a Weapon.

Collector 10

Collect and save 5000 Renown.

Death from Above 15

Breach a Floor or Ceiling in “House” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

Coming through! 15

Breach and rappel through a window in “Consulate” in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

Fortress 15

Reinforce 2 breakable walls in “Bank” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

Air Force One 15

Defend the Meeting Room in “Plane” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt.

Who Dares 20

Win a match of TDM – Hostage in “Hereford” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Sausage Fest 20

Win a match of TDM – Secure Area in “Clubhouse” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Blind Ambition 20

Destroy 5 drones in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Meat Wall 20

Kill an enemy with a Breach Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Oh Yeah! 10

Destroy a Reinforced Wall with the Thermite Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Don’t go in There! 15

Kill an Attacker inside a Barbed Wire in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Wrong Number 10

Kill 10 enemies with Nitro Cell in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

That was Fast! 10

Find the Objective in TDM – Secure Area within 20 seconds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

One Mind 5

Win 1 match without losing a single round in Ranked Multiplayer.

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