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There are so mouses and gaming mouses on the market today that it can be impossible to choose which one to go with.  Whether you want a wireless Bluetooth one or a wired one, for exact precision when it comes to gaming.  The list goes on, but the Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse is something different. The Razer Orochi has Bluetooth 2.0, 4000dpi 3G Laser Sensor, Razer Synapse On-board memory, quickly adjustable sensitivity, powered by 2x AA batteries with the size measuring in at 99mm (L) x 67.8 (W) x 35 (H). Those are just a few of the unique specifications of the mouse, but all that is not enough to make you purchase the Orochi right away.

Now for the best part of the mouse being that it has wired functionality as well as the 2.0 Bluetooth connectivity with a detachable USB cable.  The USB cable alone fits perfect right in the middle of the mouse, giving you the sense that it is not even there and to top it off the cable is tethered or braided so it will not be breaking, getting twisted, knotted or tangled up anytime soon.  This is something I don’t see in wired mice at all except for this Razer Hybrid mouse.  The Orochi is also compatible with not just your PC but any MAC as well which could not be more convenient especially if you own a PC and a MAC.  Connecting the mouse to either your Laptop, PC or Mac could not be easier, you just want to make sure that your computer as Bluetooth ready, otherwise you might run into some problems.  Connecting it to the Mac compared to a PC are different, but both done with ease.

One of the most extraordinary things about the mouse was that, I honestly could not notice a difference in precision when I was using it wired to when I was using it wireless.  The precision is the next thing I want to talk about, as no matter how sensitive you have the mice too is was amazingly precise and I think one of the best things about the mouse.  Personally I like the sensitivity set generally high but this mouse could not be more perfect for gaming.  It is really what a gamer needs to stay at the top of his game, no matter the genre of game they are playing on the PC.  If I had this accuracy and precision on a console shooter… let’s just say there would not be much of a challenge.  Not just gaming but today’s visual artists need precise mouse to use their software to the best of their ability.  In fact, I bet some visual artists would be shocked at what they could do with a mouse like if not used this kind of precision.

The Razer Orochi is also a portable mouse with a small soft but protective case included, which leaves room for the wire and can fit in your pocket.  More and more laptops are being used today rather than desktops some would say making the portability of the mouse just another feature that adds to its many great qualities.  Gripping the Black Chrome Edition of the Orochi it was the perfect size as you may think it is a bit smaller, but it makes it perfect for being in control at all times, especially of the side buttons as well at the rest of the mouse.  The design is so sleek, stealthy and smooth looking that just happen to represent how it feels to hold one for real.  The are seven buttons on the mouse, with the two most obvious one being the large left and right ones, then there are four rubberized buttons, with two on each side of the mouse making it easy to control the sensitivity on the fly.  The last two buttons a are the middle wheel with 24 different positions and the button itself.

The Razer Hybrid is said to have 1 to 3 months of battery life running on two double AA batteries, with them being unused while the mouse is plugged in.  Now you can also download the software for the mouse which is only 27MB, from the site http://www.razersupport.com and with the software you can program all the buttons to your liking as well as adjust the sensitivity manually through there but the mouse must be plugged in to use the software.  Aside from all that the Orochi has tracking up to 100 inches per second, is ambidextrous for right handers or left handers, zero-acoustic ultra slick mouse feet and a gold plated USB connector.  While in wireless mode you get 125Hz polling/ 8 ms response while in wired mode you get 1000Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response.  All in all this mouse is well worth it, for the price of $79.99, it’s light weight but can do a hell of lot more than some of the bigger heavier mouses on the market.


Bluetooth/Option, small, lightweight with 7 programmable buttons. Extremely precise.


Some may like larger mice and it could have been slightly easier to connect the Bluetooth on certain computers. Had issues with Bluetooth and the Mac.

Final Verdict

Decently priced gaming mice that you don't see everyday with dual modes (wired/wireless) while keeping the quality there.

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