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Red Bull X-Fighters is about riding a motorcycle across tracks, performing tricks, and gaining points and unlocking new stuff. Honestly, it sounds great. Motorcycles are fun, right? And stunts on motorcycles are even more fun. So the game should be good too, right? Well, it isn’t.

Red Bull X-Fighters is a little bit of fun at first. The combos are none too complex and easy to understand, and the well built, attractive looking environments will immediately lure you in. And yes, the environments are very well built. They look realistic and are well built. But the rest of the aspects of the game, sadly, do not follow suit.

The stadiums definitely look good. The rest of the game, however, doesn’t.

First of all, the combos soon get overly complex. Holding down four buttons at one, while using the analog stick to steer and gain speed and pressing the A button can get a bit too hectic and uncomfortable. If you don’t have six hands, I mean, which many of you probably do not. Other than that, the game doesn’t even have many tricks to pull of. There are a total of 20 tricks to unlock, and each of them can be unlocked very easily.

There are other things you can unlock, like helmets, costumes, bikes and stadiums. There are seven stadiums in total, so it won’t take long to unlock all of those either. Helmets and new costumes are just aesthetic changes, and don’t make much of a difference to the gameplay. And the bikes that we can unlock are none too good, but some of them can come in handy to perform some of the tougher tricks.

Just press and hold a lot of buttons at once, and you can do that too. It’s easy (not really).

So yes, the game doesn’t have a lot of replay value to make sure players come back to it either. The commentary is also very bad, often repeating the same things over and over, and doesn’t do a good job at all. The tracks, too, are very short. They haven’t been designed very well, and assuming that you can perform the stunts correctly, you won’t be able to perform more than two tricks per track.

Sure, Red Bull X-Fighters provides with a lot of moments that will thrill us. Performing the stunts successfully leaves a sweet rewarding taste in our mouth, and the sense of speed is very well realized here. But ultimately, X-Fighters is not a very good game, even for fans of the genre or for fans of the X-Fighters sport in general. So keep you money in your pockets, and avoid this game if you can.

This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360.


Good looking stadiums


Bad controls; No multiplayer; Repetitive commentary; Short tracks; Unlocks are not good; Not a lot of tricks to pull off

Final Verdict

There's no way polite way to say this, so I'm just gonna be plain and brutal: Red Bull X-Fighters is a boring, boring game.

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