Red Dead 3: 10 Things That Rockstar Will Need To Change

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Some sequels are re-skinned money grabbing clones that do little to alter the formula of the original. Other sequels are like Red Dead Redemption, a game that completely re-invented Red Dead Revolver for the better. If a Red Dead 3 is made, it is unlikely to be able to make such a jump in quality. This is largely to do with how damn good Redemption was. That said, there is always room for improvement, so here are ten alterations that good make Red Dead 3 the best of the lot.

Greater location variety

Desert, desert everywhere

The old west and surrounding deserts of Redemption were big and beautiful. Aside from the snowy forests to the north east of the map and the larger town of Blackwater however, desert and the odd shanty town was all you really saw. It provided a reasonable variety but, in a game with as much potential as Red Dead Redemption, reasonable is not quite good enough.

More complete multiplayer experience

So, why can't I tie up some fools in multiplayer?

The posse system of Redemption allowed for an entertaining open world multiplayer experience, but it just lacked a lot of the finer points of its single player counterpart. Where’s the lasso? Why can’t I skin animals for cash? They were small things, (and I can understand the technical difficulty of implementing such mechanics in a multiplayer environment) but they detracted from the suspension of disbelief in the game’s multiplayer. The first thing Red Dead 3 needs to do is make sure the multiplayer retains all of the story mode’s mechanics.

Better structured multiplayer

While we’re wielding the multiplayer bashing stick, it must be noted that the more structured multiplayer modes in RDR just lacked that certain something. It was hard enough to organise matches with strangers in the posse mode but, when you did get there, the Dead-Eye ability made sure that rapid fire won out over skill in the majority of cases. An improved interface and execution of structured multiplayer modes would raise the bar for the Red Dead series.

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