Red Dead Online Guide: How To Earn Tons of XP Quickly, And Finish Story From 75% to 100%

Some tips and tricks for Red Dead Redemption 2’s Red Dead Online mode.

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Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online, now out at last in beta, is a totally different ballgame from Red Dead Redemption 2 proper. This time around, you have a whole different campaign, and entirely different mechanics governing your progress through what can only be called an MMORPG set in the Wild West. Here’s where we come in—in this guide, we walk you through making your way through what Red Dead Online has to offer.


Once you finish the story in Red Dead Online, you might notice that your story progression is stuck at 75%. There’s a reason for this—the final missions in the game actually differ based on your Honor rating, and you need to see the High and Low Honor missions both to achieve 100%.

Thankfully, this is easy enough—once you complete the game, just make your Honor swing to the other side. So if you had high honor, work on lowering it (and work on making it higher if it was low). There’s an in game NPC who can reset your honor for you, so use that to get a clean slate in case you’re too far gone in either direction.

Once you reach a high (or low) enough rating, the other set of missions will open for you, and you can complete them to achieve a 100% completion.


There is a totally awesome way to earn 10,000+ XP in the game in an hour, and jump straight to level 50. Before we move ahead, ensure you don’t trigger the boss fight cutscene. To drop this, you need the following:

The mission “Kill Them, Each and Every One of Them” needs to be unlocked (it doesn’t matter if this is a replay). Then you need a posse of 2 people. Note that you need at least 2 people; you can have more than that, but you earn less XP per person.

From here on, XP farming is dreadfully simple. First, select the mission from the Progress Menu, and quit out of the lobby as soon as you start. Now travel to the yellow marker in New Austin, and select “Start Mission” instead of matchmaking when you get there. Now, play the first checkpoint. Literally, kill and advance inward until you reach the back of the fort. Here, get killed as dying loses you no XP, and restart from the previous checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.

If done right, you can earn up to 10,000+ XP in an hour. Furthermore, the video below can help you in farming XP.

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