Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: All Legendary Animal Locations And How To Fish

Engaging with the wildlife in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of wildlife, wildlife you can interact with. You can hunt animals, and you can fish for, er, fish. However, not all animals are created equal—some are simply better than others, and for the best results, those are the ones you want to hunt down. This guide deals with hunting down Legendary Animals, as well as learning how to fish.


There are 15 Legendary Animals in the game, found in the wild. None of them are missable, and you can return to hunt them at any time you want. Two of them also have story missions, while some of them need you to have completed the story before you can get to them.

You need to hunt 5 Legendary Animals — any 5, it doesn’t matter which ones — to get 100% completion. You also need to make sure you’re the only one looking for them when you are trying to track the animal down. If you get to an area to find a Legendary Animal, and it says there’s too much activity in the area, try scaring the people and animals off, or simply leave and come back at a later time.

The video below shows you where to find all the Legendary Animals in the game:


You unlock fishing by completing a mission in Chapter 2, named A Fisher of Men.  Fishing itself is simple—open up the weapons wheel and switch to items, equip the fishing rod, when the fishing rod is equipped, attach bait to it by using the Bait wheel.

Once this is done, aim with the left trigger. Use the right trigger to throw a cast—hold for a long cast, tap for a short cast. Maybe rotate the bait with the stick to lure a fish. Once a fish bites, don’t pull it in yet. Hold the right trigger and tire the fish out. Drag the fish in the other direction it wants to go. Cause tension in the line by holding the left and right sticks in the opposite directions. Once the water stops splashing, reel the fish in by rotating the right stick clockwise.

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