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Section 8 is a new Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter by developer TimeGate Studios, the people who helped to make F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate. Try to imagine a gmae that mixs Battlefield and Tribes, with bits of Halo sprinkled on top.

With it’s colonies being ravaged by a growing insurrection, Mankind sends out the elite 8th Armored Infantry, A.K.A., Section 8. Section 8 soldiers fall from the sky after being launch out of an orbital dropship, much like the Halo universe’s ODST troops. They are equiped with most state-of-the-art equipment known to man, and they know how to use it. Applying tactics to the situations at hand, Section 8 will scout and secure objectives as they crush the oncoming enemy forces.


Before each action-packed insertion into the match, you will be able to heavily customize your soldier to your liking. You can change the man’s weapons, or just modify his sheild plating and stealth abilities. You are given a set number of points that can be assigned to different passive skills, such as the shield strength and how stealthy you are. This will add a dynamic affect to the battle, as no two men should ever be alike.

Instead of just spawning at a set spot for enemy spawn campers to set up shop, Section 8 troopers insert themselves into the battlefield by means of atmospheric, high-alltitude drops from looming capital ships. Another feature in Section 8 is the kill system. For all of you people who have high Kill/Death ratios and are considered as “One-Hit Pwners”, say goodbye to that dominant power. Section 8 has done away with one hit kills. Although, they did keep balance by replacing one hit kills with another, stranger type of kill. Now, why shoot an enemy when you can just jump on his face? That’s right, Section 8 will feature Mario-esque Jump-On-Enemy’s-Head kills. Whether this will work or not has yet to be proven, but one thing’s for sure. It makes absolutely no freaking sense.


We don’t know at this point if the game will be a success, but if TimeGate’s implementing of previous FPS elements into one single multiplayer experience is playable, we can expect to see success. Stay tuned for more information regarding Section 8, the Tribes-Battlefield offspring.

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