Sims 4 Mega Guide: Cheats, Money, Secret Location, Aspirations, Satisfaction Points

A complete guide for The Sims 4.

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Using this mega guide for The Sims 4 you can know how to make infinite money/Simoleans faster, find cheat codes, learn all about aspirations, secret locations, hotkeys, shortcuts, controls List, Whims and Earning Satisfaction Points and all about potions and traits.

The Sims 4 is developed by EA Maxis and The Sims Studio. The game is published by Electronic Arts and is now available for the PC. Check out the complete game guide below and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

The Sims 4 Cheat Codes:

Before you enter cheats, you would need to open up the in-game console. This is how you do it: On Windows, press Ctrl + Shift + C and on Mac OS X, press Cmnd + Shift + C.

Now you can enter the following cheat codes to get more Simoleons and change a number of effects.

  • resetsim ‘FULL NAME OF THE SIM WITHOUT THE QUOTES’ : Reset your Sim.
  • testingcheats true: Switches testing mode on.
  • cas.fulleditmode: Will work only in testing mode and allows you to edit the attributes of the Sims.
  • help: All cheat codes will be visible.
  • motherlode: 50,000 Simoleons.
  • freerealestate on: Free neighborhood real estate.
  • death.toggle: Your Sims will not die when turned off.
  • fullscreen: Toggles full screen on and off.
  • headlineeffects on: It will turn on the headline effects.
  • rosebud: 1,000 Simoleons.
  • kaching: 10,000 Simoleons.

The following cheats are interactive cheats which will work after activating the testing mode.

  • Reset Object: Resets a object
  • Make Dirty: Makes an object dirty
  • Disable Motive Decay: This disables mood swings
  • Enable Motive Decay: This when disabled allows motives to change dynamically
  • Teleport Me Here: You can click on any location in the map
  • Modify in CAS: Open up Sim in C-A-S editor
  • Add to Family: Adds a Sim to active family
  • Make Happy: Changes the mood to happy
  • Make Clean: Makes an object clean

Making Money Faster/Infinite Money:

Using the video you can now earn infinite Simoleans in the game.

The Sims 4 Secret Locations:

Forgotten Grotto: You need to be at Oasis Springs and then open up the Mineshaft in Desert Bloom. This will only happen for players who are at level ten Handiness Sim.

Sylvan Glade: The players needs to go to Willow Creek, after that to Crick Cabana where you would find a tree that will lead to a secret place.

Exploring Secret Lot:

Hidden Village:

Hidden Worlds:

Secret Neighbourhoods:

Growing a Cow Plant in your The Sims 4 garden:

Using the video below you can grow a cow plant in the game.

Hotkeys & Shortcuts, Controls List: [Thanks VideoGamesBlogger]

  • Toggle Video Recording: V
  • Capture Screenshot: C
  • Have the camera follow the Sim: Right-Click with your mouse on the portrait of the Sim
  • Toggle Top Down View: T
  • Go to Next Floor Up: Page Up
  • Go to Next Floor Down: Page Down
  • Walls Up: Home
  • Walls Down: End
  • Switch to next Sim in Household: (Spacebar or N)
  • Switch to Specific Sim: (Left-Click with your mouse on the Sim portrait)
  • Lock Camera to Sim: (Right-Click with your mouse on the Sim portrait)
  • Center Camera on active Sim: (ENTER)
  • Pause Game: (P or 0 or ‘)
  • Eyedropper Tool (toggle): E
  • Hand Tool: H
  • Sledgehammer Tool (toggle): K
  • Design Tool (toggle): R
  • Wall Tool: B
  • Toggles Day/Night in B/B: L
  • Move object to next slot in surface with a slotted object selected and on a slot surface: M
  • Copy held/selected object on placement: Shift
  • Inventory held/selected object: Backspace
  • Delete held/selected object: Delete
  • Undo: Ctrl + Z
  • Redo: Ctrl + Y
  • Allow off-grid placement while dragging around an object: Alt
  • Toggle Grid: G
  • Cycle Between 1/2 tile and 1/4 tile grid snapping for object placement: F5
  • Flood Fill a single wall while placing wall patterns: Alt
  • Flood Fill floor & wall paint while placing floor or wall patterns: Shift
  • Toggle to 1/4 tile floor paint while placing floor tile patterns: Ctrl + F
  • Reduce Terrain Brush Size while Terrain Paint catalog is open: [
  • Increase Terrain Brush Size while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ]
  • Move Terrain Brush Softness Slider to the Left while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ;
  • Move Terrain Brush Softness Slider to the Right while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ‘
  • Toggle Terrain Paint/Eraser while Terrain Paint catalog is open: Ctrl
  • Move Whole House tool: U
  • Regular/Fast/Ultra Speed: (1/2/3)
  • Move left/right: (Arrow Left/Right or A/D)
  • Undo/Redo: (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+V)
  • Cancel: (Esc)
  • Toggle Cheat Window: (Ctrl + Shift + C)
  • Object Placement Tools:
  • Rotate Object: (,/. – once the object is selected)
  • Delete Object: (Del or Backspace)
  • Off Grid Placement: (Alt – while holding the object)
  • Off Angle Placement: (Alt – while rotating the object)
  • Move to Slot: (M)
  • Move forward/back: (Arrow UP/Down or W/S)
  • Move Faster: (Hold Shift + do the Camera Movement)
  • Zoom in/out: (Z/X or +/-)
  • Toggle Map Mode: (M)

The Sims 4 Aspirations Guide:


Bonus Trait Reward: Domestic

Successful Lineage – Trait Reward: Vicarious


Bonus Trait Reward: Muser

Painter Extraordinaire – Trait Reward: Expressionistic

Bestselling Author – Trait Reward: Poetic

Musical Genius – Trait Reward: Piper


Bonus Trait Reward: Dastardly

Public Enemy – Trait Reward: Mastermind

Chief of Mischief – Trait Reward: Tormentor


Bonus Trait Reward: Quick Learner

Renaissance Sim –  Trait Reward: Professional

Computer Whiz – Trait Reward: Webmaster

Nerd Brain – Trait Reward: Handy


Bonus Trait Reward: Gregarious

Joke Star – Trait Reward: Hilarious

Friend of the World – Trait Reward: Beloved

Party Animal – Trait Reward: Perfect Host


Artistic Prodigy Trait Reward: Creatively Gifted

Whiz Kid – Trait Reward: Mentally Gifted

Rambunctious Scamp – Trait Reward: Physically Gifted

Social Butterfly – Trait Reward: Socially Gifted


Bonus Trait Reward: Essence of Flavour

Master Chef – Trait Reward: Fresh Chef

Master Mixologist – Trait Reward: Potion Master


Bonus Trait Reward: Business Savvy

Fabulously – Wealthy Trait Reward: Shrewd

Mansion – Baron Trait Reward: Thrifty


Bonus Trait Reward: High Metabolism

Bodybuilder – Trait Reward: Long Lived

Whims and Earning Satisfaction Points:

You need to complete Whims so that you can earn Satisfaction points which in turn can be spent on Potions and traits which we have described below.

Potions and Traits:

Find all the potions and traits along with their respective satisfaction points.


  • Confident Potion: 200 points
  • Energized Potion: 200 points
  • Focused Potion: 200 points
  • Happy Potion: 200 points
  • Inspiration Potion: 200 points
  • Sleep Replacement: 400 points
  • Moodlet Solver: 500 points
  • Instant Fun: 100 points
  • Instant Hygiene: 100 points
  • Insta-Large: 750 points
  • Insta-Lean: 750 points
  • Potion of Youth: 1500 points


  • Night Owl: 1000 points
  • Speed Reader: 1000 points
  • Free Services: 1500 points
  • Beguiling: 2500 points
  • Antiseptic: 2500 points
  • Carefree: 3000 points
  • Always Welcome: 500 points
  • Gym Rat: 500 points
  • Speed Cleaner: 500 points
  • Mentor: 1000 points
  • Morning Sim: 1000 points
  • Connections: 3000 points
  • Fertile: 3000 points
  • Hardly Hungry: 4000 points
  • Never Weary: 4000 points
  • Professional Slacker: 6000 points
  • Savant: 6000 points
  • Super Green Thumb: 6000 points
  • Marketable: 1500 points
  • Creative Visionary: 2000 points
  • Entrepreneurial: 2000 points
  • Frugal: 2000 points
  • Independent: 2000 points
  • Observant: 2000 points
  • Shameless: 2000 points

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game.

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