Soulcalibur 6 Guide: Earning Soul Points And Creating Custom Characters

Custom character tips and tricks for SoulCalibur 6.

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SoulCalibur 6 is now out, and while there isn’t a whole lot to unlock in terms of characters (there’s only really one), there’s a lot to do in terms of getting the right customization options (yes, Create A Soul returns again) as well as Soul Points. And that’s what we’re focusing on in this guide, so let’s get started.


The popular custom character creation feature from previous games returns this time around too. You’ve probably already seen news reports abound about how fans are using the feature’s sheer capability and flexibility to create some, er, interesting characters.

Create A Soul is really self explanatory—you go there, and you create your character. Said character can then be used in fights. You can check out the character creation in this game in full effect for yourself here.


No, what’s likely to be a bigger challenge for you will be to gain enough Soul Points to unlock everything you need or want in the character creation. Soul Points, or SP, can also be used to unlock things in the museum, and they’re not actually that hard to come across, if you know what you’re doing. That’s what we’re here to ensure:

  • You can gain 2,000 SP for completing the story mode. This is a one time thing, but it’s good to get going
  • You get 50 SP each time you win an Online Ranked Match. This is the only way to get SP in online play. 
  • In Libra of Soul, exchange 5,000 Gold for 100 SP. This is the best way to grind SP on a consistent basis.
  • You can get 200 SP for each character’s story you complete
  • Completing Arcade Mode can get you anywhere from 50 to 200 SP depending on the difficulty level and completion time.

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