Subdivision Infinity DX Interview – Customization, Locations, New Content, and More

We talk about the upcoming space combat title with Mistfly Games and Blowfish Studios.

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Blowfish Studios and Mistfly Games’ upcoming space combat action title Subdivision Infinity DX is looking like a curious beast, with cutting edge visuals and the promise of space combat across various missions, locations, and boss encounters. For many, it looks like a throwback to classic Arcade and NES-style space combat titles, brought into the modern era with enhanced technology. Recently, we got the chance to send across some of the questions we had about the game to the people behind it. Below are the answers that Blowfish Studios and Mistfly Games sent us back.

subdivision infinity dx

"We tried to make each of these locations to be distinctive and atmospheric perfectly mixing visual, narrative and gameplay."

Subdivision Infinity draws inspiration from several classic NES space combat games- can you talk to us a bit about what parts of the game were most developed with such influences in mind? Were there any other games or any other media that may have inspired other aspects of the game?

Mistfly Games: It’s hard to pick one, it’s an overall experience we got from these games we used to play. In Mass Effect you have unforgettable spirit of deep space and mysteries. In Independence War 2 it’s pirates, outlaws and corporations. Freelancer’s exploration and traveling through the space, Galaxy on Fire’s mining operations. And of course bosses at the end of the level – that’s merit of good old NES games.

What sort of customization options can players expect to see in the game? 

Mistfly Games: There will be special pirate outfit for each player ship. Player can find and collect pieces of these outfits through exploration missions. And there is also special skins for the first player ship featuring a target platform. 

Can players expect to see online multiplayer or co-op features in the game?

Mistfly Games: There is no multiplayer in this game.

Can you talk to us a bit about the locations players will be visiting in the game? How much variation can we expect from these?

Mistfly Games: There will be 5 distinct locations player can travel while completing story missions.

Here is a brief description of each

  • Alpha Tyche – a star system where player begins the journey. We call it “flamy” because it looks very red and hot. This system is like a big mining facility and its owned by the “LightWave Tech” corporation. Player will see lots of igneous asteroids with lava and mining stations.
  • Revada IV – an abandoned star system designed to be cold and of dark tones. An exhausted planet and huge pumping stations above it, depleting what’s left.
  • Cat’s Eye – here player will face aftermaths of a devastating space battle. Broken ship hulls mixed up with asteroids, lonely space stations and thick fog.
  • Kongelar – A very cold system with ice all over the place. Rather no law and order is respected here
  • Atria’s Gate – giant production and research complex. A city in clouds over a lifeless planet.

We tried to make each of these locations to be distinctive and atmospheric perfectly mixing visual, narrative and gameplay.

subdivision infinity dx

"We definitely got huge visual boost utilizing UE4 technology. We also remastered many art assets and up-res them so they would look good on consoles and PC."

Will there be any addition content in Subdivision Infinity DX that wasn’t included in the original release?

Mistfly Games: We already have content and storyline for an additional location, so it’s possible.

How have you taken the feedback the original release of Subdivision Infinity got into account for the upcoming release, both the good and the bad?

Mistfly Games: Yes, we decided to completely remaster the game so it would conform console quality. We reworked and redesigned all the missions adding much variety to the gameplay. We fully redesigned levels, enemies, weapons, ships and added lots of new content. This is not a port, it’s a complete new game.

As for users feedback, the main concern we got from our players was lack of open world and freedom. That is something we’ll add in exploration missions.

Subdivision Infinity was already a very good looking game, especially when one considers that it was made for mobile devices. Does the game receive any sort of a technical or visual boost on any of the new systems its launching for?

Mistfly Games: Yes, we definitely got huge visual boost utilizing UE4 technology. We also remastered many art assets and up-res them so they would look good on consoles and PC.  

Will there be any microtransactions or loot boxes in Subdivision Infinity DX?

It’s a single player premium game, there will not be!

Do you feel that the expectations from a game being made on dedicated consoles are very different from a game being made for mobile devices, in terms of design philosophies or the kind of experience players expect? Is that something that’s been on your mind while working on Subdivision Infinity DX?

Mistfly Games: Yes, as we mentioned, we fully redesigned the game and added lots of new content. The feel of how you play the game and what you experience is completely different from mobile version. 

After bringing over Subdivision Infinity to consoles and PC, is the console market something you see yourselves being more focused on going forward? 

Mistfly Games: Yes, console and PC development is something we would love to do and we think this will be our main focus. On the other hand we have big experience in mobile development, and we see clear trend of console and hardcore gaming going mobile and this is very good news. Devices are getting faster and now you can play PUBG, Fortnite or ARK on your phone, so we will not be completely dropping mobile development. We want to be as cross platform as possible, but our main focus would be PC and consoles.

subdivision infinity dx

"We’ve had more bugs on the PS4 Pro that don’t appear on the PS4 Slim."

Will the game will feature Xbox One X specific enhancements. What can players expect if they are playing the game on Xbox One X? Is 4K/60fps on the cards?

Blowfish Studios: Yes we are expecting 4K @ 60fps.

And how will the PS4 Pro version turn out in terms of resolution and frame rate?

Blowfish Studios: The PS4 Pro might support the dynamic resolution feature and aiming at 60 fps as well

From a development perspective, how do you find the Xbox One X to be and how do you compare it with the PS4 Pro?

Blowfish Studios: The Xbox One X is more powerful, plus we’ve had more bugs on the PS4 Pro that don’t appear on the PS4 Slim.

How is the game running on the original Xbox One and PS4, frame rate and resolution wise?

Blowfish Studios: 1080p no issue, the frame rate we’ll have to run more tests with.

Next gen is coming sooner or later. From a development perspective, what is your biggest expectation from PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

Blowfish Studios: More pixel power so every game can run at 4K and 60fps. Possibly real-time ray tracing HW acceleration?

Do you think cross platform will be one of the defining features of next-gen consoles?

Blowfish Studios: I’d say yes, considering that Sony is opening up the PS4 right now.

subdivision infinity dx

"Microtransactions in free games are okay, if it’s not pay to win."

What is your take on the ongoing drama of loot boxes and microtransactions?

Mistfly Games: Microtransactions in free games are okay, if it’s not pay to win.

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