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Everything you need to know about SUPERHOT.

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Publisher:  SUPERHOT Team

Developer:  SUPERHOT Team

Platforms:  PC, Linux, MAC, Xbox One

Genre:  First Person Shooter

Release Date:  June 2015

Superhot is an upcoming and already popular independently developed first person shooter with time bending mechanics. Currently being developed by Superhot Team and Piotr Iwanicki the game was already released on internet browsers in September of 2013.

The game is now being developed and re-launched for the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Linux based PC’s as well as OSX. The game is currently slated for a worldwide release in June of 2015, but a more specific date hasn’t been given yet.

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Superhot was named after two words that fit best with the games design philosophy and reflected the gameplay. Super and Hot, Positive and Intense respectively.

The development cycle for the original iteration of Superhot was exceptionally short. The initial build of the game was created in seven days due to its role in the August 2013 7 day FPS challenge. During this time, developers were given one week to create and complete a fully working and functional demo build of their game. Their Demo was split into three separate levels in three separate builds split across three separate computers due to limitations. Because of this, the three separate games were rolled together into separate applications and called an episodic game.

Drawing inspiration from the browser based flash game, Time4Cat, which shares a similar time bending mechanic, Superhot Team set about making a demo for the game. Following the positive reception of their demo, the game was polished and refined before its browser release where it gained fame amongst gamers, YouTube content creators and creative minds. Soon after, the game was placed on Steam’s Greenlight Project where it was approved within a week for digital distribution. At the time, it was the fastest game to clear the Greenlight system.

Since clearing the Greenlight program, the developers opened a Kickstarter campaign in May of 2014. The goal of the campaign was to extend the game by adding more levels as well as improving its art design. Plans are also in place for Oculus Rift support for the popular VR Headset. The first early build of this Oculus Rift support was shown off during E3 of 2014, this build of the game included the ability to lean to the side to aid in gameplay.

Other features included gameplay tweaks like the addition of a Katana sword that could cut incoming bullets in half as a defensive measure.

The developers ran into problems when it came to actually launching the campaign because Kickstarter wasn’t supported at the time in Poland. They used this time to tighten up the campaign assets and build up a better promotional campaign.

Once the campaign went live, Superhot soared to success in just 24 hours, before continuing on to make more than $230,000 in funding. This achieved the stretch goal that would include a new game + mode for those that can complete the game.

When the game was announced for Xbox One, news started to come out regarding the games performance. In a lengthy statement from Superhot Team’s Piotr Iwanicki, he spoke about performance and resolution. He said to GamingBolt, “60 frames per second is the most important ingredient here. Fluidity of gameplay make the whole world of difference in SUPERHOT’s case.”

“You should be able to see all the tiny movements in the game’s world very tightly tied to the movements of you controller. Otherwise the game feels wrong. It’s funny thing because it happens on the edge of your attention. With lower framerate you don’t complain about lower frame rate, you complain about other things. The game doesn’t look as well, the controls seem unresponsive, bullets seem much faster. Things like that. When you once start playing in 60 fps you never want to go back, you just learn the difference.”

Regarding resolution, he said to GamingBolt that ““1080p and 60fps are the goal and we’re on a right track. Frames per second are the more important ingredient in this combo. Fluidity is the key to SUPERHOT’s gameplay.”



The browser based demo build of Superhot hinted at a plot with its ambiguous ending and mysterious man on a screen, but whether or not this is something that will be appearing in the final build of the game remains to be seen.



Like the browser based game that inspired it, time only passes when you (the player) move your character. That means pulling the trigger on your weapon will see the bullet suspended in the air until you move. This also applies to your enemies bullets meaning that dodging bullets is key, but placing accurate shots on your targets is easily important.



At this time, it’s not known if there’s going to be a varied vast of characters, but if the game does indeed follow a narrative, then this is likely to change.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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