Ten Games That Were Derivative But Still Rocked

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3D Dot Game Heroes (Derivative of The Legend of Zelda franchise)

3D Dot Game Heroes is full to the brim of nostalgic moments, and that is because it is, at its heart, a homage to the 8-bit Zelda games. Even the developers say that. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a Zelda game in all but name, and that is what makes it so good. The same addictive, awesome gameplay returns, as we take a trip down memory lane, while Dot Heroes keeps things fresh with its unique graphical style- 3D Dot is an awesome game, and I would definitely want to see a sequel soon.

Darksiders (Derivative of The Legend of Zelda franchise)

Darksiders is basically the modern-day Zelda titles set in a darker world, with some tweaks and changes from the typical Zelda formula, while adding God of War combat and platforming to the mix, and that is what makes Darksiders one hell of a game. I mean, God of War elements and Zelda elements in one single game, and both of the properly implemented. Yes, please! I just wish it had been more successful, and that there was even the slightest of chances of having a Darksiders 2. That would be awesome.

Medal of Honor (Derivative of the Call of Duty series)

The recently released Medal of Honor was a re-boot of the franchise of the same name, and what a game it was. It was highly derivative of its main competitor, Call of Duty, in some places, but that did not stop it from being a hell of an experience. While it did not receive as high scores as it should have, it sold exceptionally well, from which I am glad. I expect a Medal of Honor sequel soon, and if its even as good as this one, I will be more than happy.

Dante’s Inferno (Derivative of the God of War series)

That Dante’s Inferno is a God of War rip-off in every possible way, but not half as good, is common knowledge. Dante’s Inferno could have easily been released under the name of Kratos’ Inferno (though that wouldn’t make much sense)- everything is ripped-off, even the combos and the blade animations. But Dante’s Inferno is still very good, if not as good as we would have expected it to be. But just because a game is disappointing does not mean its bad. Dante’s Inferno is awesome, and we should accept the fact.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Derivative of the God of War series)

Casltevania: Lords of Shadow doesn’t borrow just from God of War, but from another cult title, known as Shadow of the Colossus. But Lords of Shadow is unlike any other “derivative” title ever released. It is epic, it has a brilliant story, movie-like presentation, gargantuan set-pieces, awesome boss battles and a spectacular gameplay. Lords of Shadow definitely deserved better scores than it got, and seeing a sequel to it in the coming years would come of as no surprise to us.

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