Ten Most Heart-Pumping Chase Sequences Ever

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Chase sequences are a great way to make a game more thrilling, more exciting, more tense. Many movies have been known for certain chase sequences, so why not games? Below, we have listed out ten of the best, the most heart-pounding, thrilling chase sequences we have ever come across in video games.

NOTE: This list is listed in no particular order. The entries below are not listed according to rank or preference.

Dark Messiah of Magic and Might

In the opening hours of the game, a ghoul steals an important artifact from us, and we have to give it a chase to retrieve that object. The chase takes us through buildings, windows, scaffoldings and rooftops. It might take several tries to actually master the entire sequence, but once you do, the chase proves to be one of the best chase sequences in a video game. Playing through it proves to be very exhilarating. Of course, not all of you can play it, so watching the video above is the next best thing.

Call of Cthulhu

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As buggy and frustrating as the game might be, this chase sequence is one of the most tense, thrilling chase sequences there will ever be in a video game. In the beginning of a sequence, you are an unarmed person, staying at an inn, and for some reason, the villagers want to hunt you down. They try to get through your door, but it’s bolted. With only a few seconds in hand, you move from room to room, locking doors behind you as you move forward, barricading the doors that cannot be bolted with anything you can find, jumping through windows. The chase sequence is really tense, and keeps our pulse racing. One of the only good things about the game, mayhap, but still, a very memorable sequence.

Beyond Good and Evil

This has to be one of the most beautifully crafted chase sequences in a game. Occurring near the end of Beyond Good and Evil, it begins with us running towards the camera, and the angle soon shifts multiple times, giving us astounding views of the set pieces and the obstacles. Making our way through the crazy obstacles and projectiles the enemy throws at us is great fun, and super-exciting. Give it a look, it’s definitely worth that, at least.

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