Ten Of The Best Fan Made Video Game Movies

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Gaming is getting more cinematic by the day, and the phrase “interactive cinema” is getting slapped on the press releases for more titles than ever in order to capitalise on this fact. That said, whenever Hollywood has had a stab at a movie based on a game, it has almost always ended in tears. As with many things in this industry though (DLC, I’m looking at you), the fans often do a better job than the professionals. Just to demonstrate this fully, here are ten really awesome fan made movies based on games.

Silent Hill: The Confined

Silent Hill isn’t a series for story and narrative as, whilst these elements are always present, it is usually the tone of the series that is the most oppressive and memorable element. Thus why the lionized Hollywood interpretation that mimicked the original Silent Hill’s story whilst offering none of the intense atmosphere of the game was a total joke. Enter the Confined, a fan produced short film that nails the bizarre and uncanny nature of Silent Hill without linking into the core narrative of the series directly.

Fallout: Nuka Break

You know when even the disclaimer at the beginning is in keeping with the subject material that you have a winning film adaptation on your hands. What this fan interpretation of the Fallout universe lacks in subtlety, it makes up for with its impressive locations and spot on humour. It manages to bring out the darkly comical elements of the Fallout universe brilliantly, making it one of the stronger fan films out there.

Pokemon Apokelypse

Even though Apokelypse is but a short trailer, it is one of the most disturbingly comical uses of the Pokemon license ever. The inclusion of classic lines from the series, the expert parody of thriller movie conventions and absurdist interpretations of real life Pokemon make Pokemon Apokelypse a must watch.

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