The 10 PC games you must own

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So you’ve bought your new computer. Acquired a 7.1 surround sound system. Sitting in your leather rumbling gaming chair. Facing your 24″ widescreen HD monitor.

But you need some games to play, right? If you are new to PC gaming, or just aren’t familiar with computer games past 1999, this guide will help you decide which games to buy out of this list of some of the best games ever to grace the PC screen.

So in no particular order, let us begin.

Half Life 2

Genre: FPS

Developer: Valve


Suited to: People who like the good ol’ school shooters. No regenerative health, just a nice old fashioned health meter. Throw in one of the best plotlines seen in a FPS, and some awesome weapons like the Gravity Gun, and you have one of the best games ever made.


Genre: FPS

Developer: Crytek


Suited to: Those with a nice gaming rig. Seriously though, Crysis isn’t just a tech demo like some people make it out to be. It’s a fantastic shooter in its own right, and with some stealth elements thrown in and a huge open world, you can tackle each objective a different way, giving it great replay value.

Empire Total War

Genre: TBS/RTS

Developer: Creative Assembly


Suited to: Those with a passion for taking over the world. This game is the largest in the Total War franchise, and it surpasses its predecessors in scope and replayability. Take over the world at musket point!

Unfortunately, the game is held back from true greatness by bugs, but it is a must- have for most PC gamers.

Company of Heroes

Genre: RTS

Developer: Relic

company of heroes

Suited to: Those with a interest in WWII and a quick mouse. This list would not be complete without adding in Relic’s CoH. This game revolutionized modern RTS games as we know it, introducing small scale battles with handfuls of infantry and tanks instead of the giant steamroller armies seen in traditional RTS games. It has an incredible single player experience, and the multiplayer is still very active.

Dragon Age: Origins

Genre: RPG

Developer: Bioware


Suited to: Anyone who likes RPG’s in general. The game takes you on a journey through thick and thin, and forces you to make moral choices. The combat is tactical and satisfying, the exploration is fun and the RPG elements are deep and well developed. Only released this week, this game has become a hit overnight.

Deus Ex

Genre: FPS/RPG

Developer: Ion Storm Inc.


Suited to: People who like a little immersion in their FPS. This game, while aged, is a PC classic; the way it immersed you, forced you to think, and gave you bloody and satisfying ways to dispatch your enemies make this game one for keeps.

Battlefield 2

Genre: FPS

Developer: DICE


Suited to: Anyone who enjoys racking up those frag’s in epic multiplayer matches. Featuring the much *cough*coveted dedicated servers*cough*, this game lets you run free over massive, expansive maps in tanks, helicopters, jets and more in some of the best multiplayer action on the PC.

Counter Strike: Source

Genre: FPS

Developer: Valve


Suited to: People tired of the run and gun action in other FPS games. So who says that mod’s do no good? The most played multiplayer game on the PC, originally spawned from a mod, pits a team of terrorists against counter-terrorists in a variety of modes. This hugely popular game deserves a place on your shelf. Now get out the way noob!

Unreal Tournament 2004

Genre: FPS. Fast Paced Shooter.

Developer: Epic Games


Suited to: People tired of the slow pace in Counter Strike. On a more serious note, this game is FAST. Don’t stand still, don’t stand still…I have been told I mutter this in my sleep. Because stopping in this game is suicide. Chances are, you will shortly been cut down with a plasma rifle, or a tank will roll across you, or someone will blow you apart with a tactical nuke. Yeah.

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Genre: RPG

Developer: Bethesda


Suited to: People with a lot of time on their hands. That’s because this game is huge. You could spend hours searching out every nook and cranny, and every mission can be approached from a different direction. The mod list is endless, but the single player experience alone will eat up a ton of your time.

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading about these games as much as I have enjoyed playing them. However, before you voice your angry complaints in the comment’s section that I left out the old classics such as Diablo and Fallout, please bear in mind that I was trying to only include games this side of 2000. However, if you  are a new PC gamer and don’t mind some retro graphics, try Diablo and Fallout! (And DOOM, and Quake, and Bladurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights…)

And just before you go, some honorable mentions: Team Fortress 2, Crysis Warhead, Rome Total War, Dawn of War 2, The Witcher, System Shock, Call of Duty 1 + 2, Fallout 3, Starcraft.

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