The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Boss Guide – How To Defeat All Bosses And Guardians

Taking on the hardest enemies and bosses in Breath of the Wild.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now out- and it is a sumptuous game, unlike truly anything that we have ever seen before. It is also a hard game- harder than any Zelda game in recent memory, harder than most AAA games, in fact. Taking a leaf out of Dark Souls and survival games, Breath of the Wild presents you with multiple scenarios where you can die.

One of these scenarios is in combat- when even regular enemies can take you out, bosses and the dreaded Guardians (the signature enemies of this game) can be outright terrifying, especially if you are not prepared for them. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

How To Defeat All The Bosses:

Zelda has always had some great bosses, but the bosses in Breath of the Wild may take the cake. They are unexpected, terrifying, unpredictable, and hard to take down. You will find them in dungeons, sure, but you will also find many of them in the overworld, simply as you are trying to make your way to some other place that you saw in the distance- and often at the worst possible time.

The video below tells you how to take on every boss in the game:

Complete list of all bosses:

Below is a complete list of all the bosses in the game.

  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  • Waterblight Ganon
  • Fireblight Ganon
  • Master Kohga
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  • Thunderblight Ganon
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  • Windblight Ganon
  • Calamity Ganon
  • Dark Beast Ganon

How To Defeat Guardians:

Guardians are the signature enemies of Breath of the Wild, and they are terrifying, dealing you one hit kill attacks most of the time. They come in several variations and forms, and most of the times, you need to be smart and cunning to take them out. Here are some tips to deal with them:

Don’t. Really, just… try and avoid Guardians if you can. Even the immobile ones, which you will run into earlier in the game, can wreak havoc on you. If you can avoid engaging them, maybe by stealthily passing around them, opt for that approach

Low level weapons do no damage to them. Most of the gear you get early in the game will do nothing to Guardians. Instead, you must wait for higher leveled gear to take them on. This includes specialized arrows- while Ancient Arrows are tailor made to take them out in one hit, should you manage to hit the bullseye, even Bomb Arrows, Fire Arrows, Electric Arrows, and Ice Arrows can do the trick. Similarly, higher leveled melee weapons can also take them on- if you have the gumption to get so up close to one, that is.

Their eyes are their weak spot. If you hit them in the eye, you can take them out far easier- in fact, if you hit them in the eye with the Ancient Arrow, you take them out in one hit. Use this fact to your advantage.

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