The Opinion Against the Consensus

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It seems that every time an opinion is given that goes against what the masses believe to be true that person is a fool. Perhaps I was wrong to say that Dante’s Inferno had the potential to surpass a game that is similar to it. Perhaps, but I don’t think so. I think the problem is that people have closed their minds to anything that can change what they believe to be right. What if Dante’s Inferno turns out to be the better game? What will everyone say then?

Now just as I have the right to express my opinion you all have the right to express yours. You have the right to disagree with mine and I the right to disagree with yours. The preview was my opinion of the game and I thought it was fantastic. Having extensively played the God of War III demo I found it amazing that I could have a similar experience with any other game, especially one so familiar. I felt that Visceral Games was really onto something.

Now my problem doesn’t lie with what you say about my work, say what you will I’ll continue to write, by the way if you like my writing go check out my God of War Collection Review from last month, its really good. My problem lies in the fact that my opinion apparently counts for nothing when it goes against what is believed to be the only right answer. Comparison is inevitable, how many of you can say you have never compared one thing to another. When things are as similar as GOW and DI it makes those comparisons even more important in order to find what sets the games apart. Sure GOW III looks a little better, but DI has a better art style since it has more freedom for such a thing.

The opinion I gave was simply to show how DI stacks up to GOW III and obviously I felt it did well. For a game to feel so familiar and done before, yet still feel good, that is quite a feat. So say what you will about my preview, it stands as is and I will continue to anticipate the release of Dante’s Inferno to keep me occupied until God of War III. Then the comparisons can finally be laid to rest, until then, expect to see more opinions comparing the two games, as I said it is inevitable.

I’m not calling anyone ignorant or stupid or any of the dozens of things I’ve been called in just a few short hours. I just wanted to share my thoughts on my preview since reading what you have all had to say. Even then you all had different opinions of how much of an idiot I was or how good the game was, but mostly the former. I hope you will not let my opinion potentially ruin your chances of returning to Gaming Bolt, it is really quite a good site. Enjoy the preview and try to keep the insults to a minimum.

Chris Vogt

Senior Editor

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