The Wii U: 10 Ways It Will Silence The Haters

In a rarely optimistic streak, we look into ten ways Nintendo will silence the criticism surrounding the Wii U.

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Nintendo are one of the best loved companies in the games industry, a conglomerate boasting some of the most famous franchises ever played on a home games console. That said, with every new piece of hardware championed by Nintendo in recent years, there has been a whole heap of criticism levelled at the big N. Sometimes this criticism is well founded (Virtual Boy!!!!), but it has been laughable in recent years.

Many felt the company’s efforts with the DS and Wii were little more than throwaways aimed at the family market, yet Nintendo made these into two of the most widely adopted games systems ever. A similar backlash is occurring with the Wii U but, just as the DS and Wii started off slow, so the Wii U will find many ways to silence its detractors in the coming months. Here are ten ways Nintendo will silence the Wii U haters.

Great Exclusives


It’s Nintendo. That’s all. For all the problems you could level at any of their systems (and believe me, there are plenty you could pick on) they always come up trumps when it comes to their first party exclusives. Even the worst of the Mario and Zelda franchises are still some of the best games ever made. The Wii U has had a slow start regarding these exclusives but, as with the 3DS, the system sales will pick up dramatically the moment these series hit the Wii U.

Unique Experiences

Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U (1)

Though it may not be the most powerful of systems, there’s no doubt that the Wii U is unique. The PS4 may be attempting to support second screen gaming with the Vita, but it doesn’t have this kind of tech established as a part of the system from the ground up. All of the Wii U’s unique features revolve around that second screen, and the surface has barely been scratched with regards to what it’s capable of.

The Second Gamepad

wii u dual gamepad

Though only one Gamepad controller can be used with a Wii U system at a time, each console will be able to support two controllers simultaneously in the future. This may not seem like a big deal but, considering asymmetrical multiplayer titles like Nintendo Land are already pretty fun with just the one controller, a second Gamepad could really open up possibilities for incredible multiplayer experiences.

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