This Is How Dead Space, Skyrim, MGS And More Would Look If Running On Another Engine

Ever wondered what some games would look like if they were made on different engines?

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We’ve all wondered at one point or another what our favourite games would look like if they’d been released in the 3D era, or with HD visuals, or if they were already, what they would  look like if they were created on several super power video game engines we hear about these days- CryEngine and Unreal Engine to name a few.

Well, we’ve scourged the internet, and we’ve come across ten pretty notable examples made by users on all kind of sites as to what ten specific popular games would look like if they were recreated with visuals that they did not actually boast of, or were created on some other, high powered video game engines. Now remember, these are just fan made videos and images, so don’t take them to mean anything. Just have a look at them, fantasize, drool and enjoy.

This particular level called Green Hill Zone has become synonymous with everything Sonic, and everything that Sega and their awesome, fast-paced platforming franchise used to represent back in the day. All Sonic fans have wanted a true to the heart, 3D rendition of the series that is as good as the name warrants it to be, and we've all come to see Green Hill Zone as that bench mark. This 3D recreation of the iconic level gives you an idea of what the very first Sonic level ever would look like today, in widescreen format with proper, updated visuals.

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