Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Map Size, Weapons And More Gameplay Details

Along with leaked gameplay footage and screenshots.

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Rainbow Six: Siege

It had been a while since we heard anything about the upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege, the game that is taking the Rainbow Six universe and giving it the Battlefield treatment. But now there has been a leak of gameplay and screenshots from the Alpha build of the tactical shooter, and some details have also been clarified.

The Alpha build that can be seen in the video below is version 0.10, this is why features like the ladder climbing animation are yet to be implemented properly. The map that is being played in Alpha 0.10 is simply named “Plane” and is split up into a number of different named zones, likely to aid in team communication and target tracking. These Zones are  Seating Journalist, Bathroom, Exterior, Cargo, Cargo Entrance, First Aid, Cargo Room A, Cargo Room B, Military Seating, Stairs Cockpit, Kitchen Prep, Seating Staff. Thanks to these locations, the map is quite large.

The weapons that are seen in use are the MP5 MLI with a golden stock in the alpha build, the P90, 591A1, Famas G”, K33 Nato and the G36C. Secondary weapons take the form of the Np-9, Model 586, MAC 11, MK25 and M45 MEUSOC. Alongside these loadouts, it’s confirmed that knife kills are in the game.

Each team can also deploy with a number of Gadgets that will aid them in the game. There’s the Barbed Wire that will slow attackers and inflict minor damage, the Sledgehammer which can breach through certain surfaces, a Deployable Shield that requires the user to crouch that negates weapon damage, Breaching Charges, Stun Grenades, EMP Grenades which disable electronics (friendly fire may be possible), the Shock Drone which can disarm some traps and disable enemies with shocks, the Frag Grenade and “Bonfire Launcher”.

Players take control of Defenders and Attackers  Types which come with customisation slots, there’s the Recruit who can be chosen multiple times by players and who also has the most customisation options, Thatcher, Twitch, Sledge and Ash. All told, there are eleven Types available. These Types often come with built in abilities, like Thatcher. This UK based Type wears a Gas Mask which reduces the effects of smoke related items and stops the player from coughing.

But what do you think of Rainbow Six: Siege and it’s predominantly, if not wholly, multiplayer based gameplay?

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