Tomb Raider Mega Guide: Challenges, Unlockables, Secrets, and more

Guide for unlocking the game’s potential.

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Tomb Raider was released yesterday and has been received really well with critics. The game has a ton of collectibles and it won’t be easy to get them all but our guide here will show you what exactly you need to do.

The game is about Lara Croft’s origin story. It’s developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix.

There are a lot of collectibles and challenges that you need to complete if you are aiming for 100% achievements. Most of these guides are straightforward and require you to watch the youtube videos.

Kudos to all the people who worked hard in creating these videos. Let’s start with the complete map guide.

Tomb Raider Complete Map

tomb raider 7

“This video shows you the map with all the locations of the collectibles: GPS Caches, Relics, Documents, Tombs, and Base Camps,” YouTube user XCVii007r1 has written.

“This is to be used in conjunction with the Cartography skill in the Survivor Skill Tree. You will need to unlock Tier III – it is the 9th skill. This skill allows you to use ‘Animal Instinct’ to reveal nearby collectibles on your map. They will be outlined with a question mark, which means it has not been collected. Collected items will be blackened out on your map.”

You can use the animal instinct ability to locate the items in the game easily. Check out the video below.

Challenges Guide

tomb raider 3

There are a total of 13 challenges in the game and we have the guides for them all. Most of these challenges are easy but some of them requires you to search the locations well, and you can follow our guide as well.

(thanks, XCVii007r1)

Ghost Hunter challenge

Tomb Raider Ghost Hunter Challenge (All Totem Locations – Coastal Forest)

Pyromaniac challenge

Tomb Raider Pyromaniac Challenge (All Lantern Locations – Mountain Temple)

Illumination & Egg Poacher Challenge

Tomb Raider Illumination & Egg Poacher Challenge (All Statue & Egg Locations – Mountain Village)

Silencer & Laid to Rest Challenge

Tomb Raider Silencer & Laid to Rest Challenge (All Effigies & Alarm Locations – Shantytown)

Firestarter Challenge

Tomb Raider Firestarter Challenge (All Sack Locations – Geothermal Caverns)

Red Cap Roundup Challenge

Tomb Raider Red Cap Roundup Challenge (All Mushroom Locations – Summit Forest)

Minesweeper & Cairn Raider Challenge

Tomb Raider Minesweeper & Cairn Raider Challenge (All Mines & Cairn Locations – Shipwreck Beach)

Previous Inhabitants Challenge

Tomb Raider Previous Inhabitants Challenge (All Flag Locations – Cliffside Bunker)

Non-Believer Challenge

Tomb Raider Non-Believer Challenge (All Banner Locations – Mountain Base)

Sun Killer Challenge

Tomb Raider Sun Killer Challenge (All Totem Locations – Research Base)

Tomb locations

tomb raider 1

There are a total of 7 optional tombs in Tomb Raider. Buying the Cartography (Tier III survival) skill will unlock all the tomb entrances on the world map. To complete the tombs you need to do little puzzles and open a treasure chest.

This video is made by PowerPyx.

This guide will be updated once we find more things to add.

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