Top 10 Funniest Gaming Freakouts

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We’ve all seen the Angry German Kid raging at his Unreal Tournament game, but what about the real freakouts? Here are some gamers who have just hit the wall.

In some cases, literally.

10. Jacob

Classic quote: “You ****! Now I can’t join session with him!”

Ever wondered if 9 year olds really do play Halo? Well here’s your answer, and its not pretty. Granted, Mr Cameraman is pretty mean, but I bet you weren’t expecting this…

9. Gameboy fun

Classic quote: “NO! Why’s the game making me go there!”

It looks like children don’t just rage on the 360.

8. Married couples

Classic quotes: “I’m sick of fighting!”

Yes, even couples play video games! And this couple appear to be having some…growing pains.

7. Runescape freakout

Classic quote: “Dude, why don’t you just make a new account? ” “I won’t have any levels, I won’t have any rankings, I won’t even know how to make a FIRE!”

Losing ones account to anything can be a frustrating experience. For some more than others. Apparently this kid was so pissed off, he doesn’t have the will to use the toilet.

6. The F Man

Classic quote: *censored*

When every second word that comes out of your mouth is a curse, maybe it’s time to hang up the joypad.

5. The Modern Warfare 2 animal

Classic quote: “Aaaaaaaaaaah!”

I have to admit, I’m not really sure what this is. Possibly some small rodent.

Playing MW2.

Update: This video is no longer available.

4. Why you shouldn’t play games for extended periods of time

Classic quote: “I’ve been playing Call of Duty for 17 hours straight…”

We’ve all pulled an all-nighter before; hunkered down with a beer in one hand, controller in the other, nachos spilled over the floor and covered in a big warm duvet. But 17 hours straight? It all just got a little too much.

Update: This video is no longer available.

3.  74 million is worth a lot these days

Classic quote: “He smited me then it all went downhill, everything went blury…”

It’s not fun to get killed in any game, but when you die in Runescape, you die in real life you can lose a lot of virtual items. Watch what happens when this kid loses his virtual life savings.

Update: This video is no longer available.

2. Don’t mess with her…

Classic quote: “You know where I am…you fatass motherfu****”

I hate to say it, but maybe there really is a correlation between WoW and gaming freakouts. This one is a little different however, our friend here is threatening her guild members with a big pole. Nice.

Update: This video is no longer available.

1. The Greatest Freak Out Ever

What better way to round off this list than with the Greatest Freak Out Ever. Meet Stephen. He’s angry and a little scary.

Update: This video is no longer available.

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