Top 16 Funniest Crimes You Have Committed In Video Games

Here are 16 of the funniest crimes that you have committed in video games.

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Video games are fun, and we have lots of fun in them. They allow us to engage in things that simply wouldn’t be possible in real life, and this includes funny crimes. However, most of the crimes players choose to commit tend to be silly acts. Here are the top 16 funniest crimes you have committed in video games.

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Shooting an RPG in the streets in GTA

Grand Theft Auto may be one of the greatest gaming sandboxes ever created. With dozens of things to do, deep stories to play through, and colorful characters to befriend. But why do that when you can just whip out an RPG and set fire to the streets? This is something every GTA player has done at one time or another. When a little bit of boredom seeps in, the guns come out. There is something incredibly amusing about running through the streets of Los Santos throwing explosives at oncoming cars, and just generally wreaking havoc.

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