Top 20: Greatest FPS Games of All Time(Part 1/2)

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First-Person Shooter is the most dominant genre right now in the world of gaming and probably the most beloved too. Day in-day out we see new FPS games coming.  Every now and then there comes a game that wows the industry, revitalizes the genre and sets a new benchmark. Competition is tough here and only the fittest survives. That’s why we see so many high budget FPS games every year but only a few manage to catch the eye of all so unforgiving fans of this genre. So here we decided to list down some of those games which did managed to set themselves apart from the crowd and deserved a very well deserved recognition by all of us. Here goes the list! (20-11)TOP

20. Left 4 Dead | Developer: Valve | Released: 2008

Its one of the greatest zombie games and certainly one of the finest co-op games ever made. It perfectly captures the tension of a Hollywood zombie movie. Both critically well acclaimed and graciously received by the fans, left 4 dead was an instant hit when it released last year both on Xbox 360 and PC. Also it just managed to sneak in to our Top 20 mainly due to its true innovation in the genre as far as multiplayer and co-op modes are concerned.

19. F.E.A.R | Developer: Monolith | Released: 2005

Horror movies have frightened us many times with innocent looking but scary kids. Well one of the games that followed the suit was F.E.A.R. Featuring Alma, named after the character ‘Alma Mobley’ in Peter Straub’s novel Ghost Story, a psychic who seeks revenge against Armacham Technology Corporation. F.E.A.R featured amazing graphics, some of the smartest AI ever seen and a fast-paced action packed gameplay, combine all of this in one of the creepiest settings and you have one hell of a experience.

18. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Released: 2008


Rainbow Six: Vegas, was the sixth game in the Rainbow Six series. From the very first moment you order your team-mates to rappel into a building, blast through the windows, you know you are into one extra-ordinarily special experience. With an emphasis on teamwork, Vegas was also a blast both offline and online. Rainbow Six: Vegas’s gorgeous visuals, well-executed cover mechanic, amazing presentation, and highly addictive multiplayer gave the series a breath of fresh air it needed and turned it into a top notch shooter. Rainbow Six: Vegas is, till date, one of the finest tactical-first person shooters ever made.

17. Far Cry | Developer: Crytek | Released: 2004

farcry Released back in 2004 on PC, Far Cry boasted jaw-dropping graphics, adaptive AI, open-level design and intense firefights. Even today, Far Cry’s technical abilities are impressive. From a very engaging single-player campaign to the intense multiplayer, Far Cry was an incredible experience. Critically, it was a success and a sleeper hit of 2004. Overall, it offered great fun and is a classic indeed.

16. Wolfenstein 3d | Developer: id Software | Released: 1992


Wolfenstein 3D is a video game that is generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre. It was one of the founding fathers of the genre. Created by id Software, it was original, innovative and fun. What more can you ask from a FPS? And if it wasn’t for Wolfenstein, we might not have witnessed some of the most incredible FPS games that followed after. For this Wolfenstein 3d deserves a lifetime achievement, if there was any.

15. Crysis | Developer: Crytek | Released: 2007

crysis Based in future, where an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered beneath the ground on an island near the coast of the East Philippines, Crysis is literally one surprise after another. In Crysis, the player fights both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies in various environments. It offered an open-world gameplay, astonishingly detailed visuals, and overall great production values. It was one of the most complete PC shooters ever created. Although it required a huge amount of investment in PC hardware to experience it in its full glory but its safe to say, it was worth it!

14. Battlefield 1942 | Developer: Digital Illusions | Released: 2002

In Battlefield 1942 you took on the role of one selected unit in the midst of a massive battle. It offered one of the best team multiplayer. Battlefield’s online play was extraordinary for its time, giving the players the experience that they are part of a history in motion. Huge battles, different variety of vehicles, historically accurate maps and team-based gameplay that was unmatched, Battlefield 1942 proved itself as one of the most realistic, accurate and fun World War II experience of its time.

13. Unreal Tournament | Developer: Epic Games | Released: 1999

A first person shooter loaded with amazing maps, diverse game styles, awesome weapons, and one of the best bots in the business, Unreal Tournament was as close to flawless, both in its ability to entertain and in its fine presentation. Everything in the game was utter perfection. Whether you’re in it for the single player quest or the online extravaganza, from its good weapon balance to its great level design Unreal Tournament had everything what you need.Unreal Tournament is now regarded as a modern classic but it was a bold and risky move by Epic Games at that time. Upon its release, Unreal Tournament became an instant classic and a very influential game for future First-Person Shooters.

12. Metroid Prime | Developer: Retro Studios | Released: 2002

Metroid Prime was the most original, diverse and simply awe-inspiring game back on Gamecube. A great example of how a classic videogame series can be vividly reborn. It wasn’t your traditional first-person shooter. Just like its 2D predecessors, Metroid Prime’s main focus was on exploration and adventure rather than actual combat. Developers, Retro Studios, turned Metroid franchise on its head and created a game that was far ahead of its time. From a greatly polished gameplay to the gorgeous visuals and amazing soundtrack, Metroid Prime was undoubtedly a masterpiece. It was simply a remarkable game, and a stunning achievement on all accounts.

11. Perfect Dark | Developer: Rare | Released: 2000

Perfect Dark, originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, developed by Rare, creators of the multimillion-selling GoldenEye 007. In Perfect Dark, players took part in an epic single player mode, engaging in stealthy espionage and epic gunfight sequences. Multiplayer experience was a blast and one of the best at its time. Incredible variety of weapons mixed with beautiful visuals, fantastic soundtrack, loads of in-game options, a cooperative mode and a counter-operative mode, separated it from rest of the pack. Its scope and complexity was light years ahead of the competition. And no wonder, upon release, Perfect Dark received very strong reviews from magazines and websites.

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