Top 4 moments in Video Games where you have felt like Crying

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There are all kind of games. Games which make you happy, games which give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement while there are some games where the story is so involving that you have literally cried or felt like crying. Through this article we present you games where you must play to feel the emotional side of story telling.

(In no particular order)

1. Shadow of the colossus

Shadow of the Colossus must go down as one of the most emotional games in recent history. The game itself starts off showing the main protagonist carrying his love who is dead. The only way to revive her is to sacrifice 16 colossi. Now thats not the reason why the game is listed here. Agro the hero’s beloved horse, its end is indeed very emotional. The player throughout the game has some sort of an emotional bonding with Agro. The way Agro saves the hero whilst sacrificing itself in the process is very touching. Check for yourself the video below.

Update: This video is no longer available.

2. Fable 2

Like Shadow  of the Colossus, Fable 2 also had the main hero bonding with his beloved dog.  The dog was a big help throughout the game. He will find hidden treasures, gold, maps  and will also fight against your foes. In the climax all the heroes stand together to destroy your nemesis: Lucien. Lucien is about to shoot you, but your faithful dog comes between and the poor puppy gets killed. Watch the video below.

Update: This video is no longer available.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

I know you must all be thinking why I have put Snake Eater instead of Guns of Patriots. The reason is pretty simple. The relationship between the BOSS and Naked Snake is truly unique and in involving. Your mission is to kill your own mentor, your own teacher who had trained you. The woman who had loved you like a mother. And all this in the name of loyalty to your country. Man,  during the end even my hands shivered when she said:  ” Kill me…do it Snake”.

Update: This video is no longer available.

4. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

“Embrace your dreams..If you have to be a hero, You need to have dreams”. Zach is one hell of character and the most memorable in recent Final Fantasy history. The last hour or two of this game is incredible. Watch it for yourself and yes I cried during this last cut scene.

Update: This video is no longer available.

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