Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on the Xbox 360

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Last time around we did an article on Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on the PlayStation 3. This time we will do the same for the Xbox 360. Just like the PlayStation 3, most of the Xbox 360 games also have a very strong plot and storylines. And due to that Xbox 360 along with the PlayStation 3 is easily one of the best platforms to have some awesome opening scenes. We pick our Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on the Xbox 360. Check them out below.

5. Halo 3

Halo 3 deserves to be on our list, not only due to the fact that it was one of the biggest games this generation, but also the game had a very strong opening cut scene. The game begins with Master Chief crashing on the Earth and presumed dead by Sgt. Major Johnson. But just when Sgt. Major Johnson is about to take out the transmitter from the back of Master Chief’s helmet, our hero wakes up and holds him off. Thereafter we see the Arbiter using his camouflage and the way Master Chief gets hold of him was truly epic. Just watch the video below to know what I am talking about.

4. Condemned: Criminal Origins

In the game you will be playing as Ethan Thomas who has been dragged in to a murder case for which he is not responsible for. Ethan Thomas takes upon himself to find the serial killer, but as the story progresses he finds that due to some black magic or something people are turning in to violent maniacs. Fighting against these evil forces and finding proof that he is innocent founded the basis of the game. As any other thriller game, the opening of this game was hair raising. Check it out.

3. Mass Effect

Set in the year 2138 A.D., and various races in the universe are debating whether Commander Shepard is the right man. The one man who can save the galaxy from the invading forces. The opening cinematic is very well implemented by Bioware with top notch visuals. The opening scenes also introduces a number of characters which are going to play a very important role in the game (other than Commander Shepard himself). At the end Shepard is handed this tough task of saving the universe.

2. Gears of War 2

Fans who played the first game knew that the Locust will be back in the sequel. But they never expected them to be so cruel as depicted in the opening scene of Gears of War 2. The locust Queen who again gives the background voice over, depicts on how they are determined to wipe out humanity from the face of Sera. Civilizations are reduced to rumbles as the Locust head out of from the heart of the Sera and attack from all corners. Humanity’s last hope? Play the game and find out (If you haven’t, that is!).

1. Left4Dead

The very definition of action. Left4Dead was a great game, but its opening scene was epic in proportions. The developers have a put in a lot of time in making the opening scene and it really shows off. From the moment the scene kicks in you get the feeling that you are alone and fighting against hordes of enemies. Later you are joined by other survivors but that doesn’t end there. Now since you are no longer alone, more and more zombies will attack you from all sides. You got to watch this video and its hands down one of the best opening scenes on the Xbox 360.

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