Top 5 Horror games this generation

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Well we all feel happy and satisfied when your enemy in the game is weak and is easy to defeat. But what about those video games where you are shooting the dead? Well they die too just like the foes in other games, but not without scaring the hell out of you. We list out our Top 5 Horror games this generation. Beware you might get scared!

5. F.E.A.R. 2
Year of Release: 2009

F.E.A.R. 2

Alma Wade. We just cant miss her out, can we? FEAR 2 does those things right at which the original failed. Most of the gameplay is retained as well some of the weapons. The addition of mech robot section adds a bit of variety to the gameplay. The horror elements though are present, but have been implemented in a fashion similar to the original which is not a bad thing at all. Now that said and done FEAR 2 is a solid shooter, it’s not best FPS on market but yes it really gives a great mix of some fine action and pretty good horror.

4. Silent Hill: HomeComing
Year of Release: 2008

Silent HillHomeComing

Silent Hill: HomeComing tells the story of Alex who returns after official duty as a soldier to his home town only to find his brother Josh and father are missing. The events that take place after this put a lot of stress in your head. This is one of the few horror games that I have played and I have felt the psychology of Alex, but this is Silent Hill we are talking about. The really dark sections of the game and the deserted streets really add a sense of tension to the game play. If you haven’t played this one, I would suggest to at least rent it.

3. Condemned Criminal Origins
Year of Release: 2005

Condemned Criminal Origins

In the game you will be playing as Ethan Thomas who has been dragged in to a murder case for which he is not responsible for. Ethan Thomas takes upon himself to find the serial killer, but as the story progresses he finds that due to some black magic or something more sinister people are turning into violent maniacs. Fighting against these evil forces and finding proof that he is innocent founded the basis of the game. This was one of the earliest horror games this generation.

2. SIREN: Blood Curse
Year of Release: 2008

SIREN BloodCurse

Siren: Blood Curse is a stealth based horror game. Available as episodes on the PSN, the game takes place in August 2007 where an American group arrive to study about Hanuda. Now why would they go to Japan for that? Because thirty years ago the villagers would sacrifice human beings and so this group wants to investigate that. Talk about having a death wish! As soon as you get in to the game you will get the constant feeling that some one is watching over you and this is a game that should not be played alone. The way the villagers charge at you, the suspense behind the story and the way you have to use your stealth abilities so that you can clear hordes of zombies just adds a hell lot of suspense and horror elements to the game.

1. Dead Space
Year of Release: 2008

Dead Space

Well we have played a lot of games where you are alone in a bungalow or a mansion, but wait did you just say Dead Space? Alone in space and with Necromorphs (the alien monsters) as company! This sounds like a win-win combination and indeed it was. Dead Space was a very original game in every department. It’s user interface was very unique due to which the action never paused in between, the AI of the Necromorphs was brilliantly scripted. They would absolutely come at you from anywhere, from the ventilation openings or from the ceiling. These guys were every where. And the way the Necromorphs would kill the protagonist of the game was very gory. The atmosphere of the game was very dark and you alwayshave to be on your toes as you never know what will be next. Dead Space is easily the best horror game out there and believe me it will be on the top for a long time.

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