Top 5 soundtracks in Video Games Ever

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Soundtracks, everyone loves them, they are in movies, games, and sometimes even put on discs, and we here will show you our Top 5 soundtracks in gaming.

There are tons of great soundtracks in a game, but i will only include the “epic” themes, and don’t get mad at me if a certain game that has a good soundtrack is not included, that either means the ones i’ll list are better, or its just not good to me, so here we go:

Number 5:

Heroes of Might and Magic IV

Theme – Chaos town theme

Composers -Paul Romero, Rob King and Steve Baca

Hom&m has tons of great themes in their games, but the one i liked the most was the one in Chaos Town in Heroes IV, it is to date my favorite one from the game.

Honorable mentions:

  • HoM&M 4-Order Town Theme
  • HoM&M 4-Nature Town Theme

Number 4:

Shadow of The Colossus

Theme –  The Opened Way

Composer – Kow Otani

This is by far the best theme in the game, when going into a battle with the colossi, this theme will start playing, and without it i don’t think any battle will be as good as it is.

Honorable mentions:

  • A violent encounter
  • Silence

Number 3:

Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater

Theme –  Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (MGS3 version)

Composer – Harry-Gregson Williams

Epic is what it is, and every MGS fan knows this theme very well,  and in my opinion, MGS3 has the best version of the theme.

Honorable Mentions:

  • MGS4- Old Snake
  • MGS – Main Theme

Number 2:

God of War 2

Theme – The End Begins

Composer – Gerard K. Marino

Oh Kratos, you took an honorable number 2 on our list.   God of War has so many great soundtracks in the game, it was hard to choose, but The End Begins is just the best one.

Honorable Mentions:

  • God of War 2 – Main Theme
  • God of War – Zeus Wrath Divine

Number 1

Red Alert 2

Theme – Hell March 2

Composer – Frank Klepaki

Clearly the best theme of all time i say, The original Hell March was amazing, and so was HM3, but Hell March 2 was such epic to me in ways, brings back good memories of playing my favorite RTS of all time.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Red Alert 1 – Hell March
  • Red Alert 3 – Hell March 3
  • Red Alert 2- Grinder
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