Top 50 Free Browser Based Games: Part II

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40. Champion Archer

You play a stickman, in a world of stickmen. You happen to play a slightly smarter stickman than most other stickmen. That is, you are smart enough to use a bow and arrow, while your stickman chums are stuck with using simple clubs to beat hostile stickmen with. The object of the game is simple; stop the enemy stickmen from reaching your base by shooting little stick-arrows at them. If you are really good, you might even see some really big stickmen. Sticky.

39. Demolition City 2

There is something awfully satisfying about blowing up buildings. The object of this game is to knock down as many structures of possible using your tactifully-placed dynamite. As the game progresses, you unlock more inventive ways of knocking down the constructions, and you have to be careful about collateral damge too!

Smashy, smashy.

Smashy, smashy.

38. Tank Trouble

This game is a great time waster. Got 5 minutes left on your coffee break? This is the game for you, especially if you have a friend to play it with. There are several seemingly-randomly generated mazes which you have to navigate your tank through in order to find the other tank(s) and destroy it. Just be warned that bullets will bounce off the walls!

37. Slime Soccer

Another great time waster, Slime Soccer is exactly what it sounds like. Each player controls one ‘slime’ and attemps to put the ball in the back of the opponents net. Get ready to score (own goals)!

Back of the net!

Back of the net!

36. Warzone Heavy Tower Defense

So yes, it is ‘just another TD game’. But there are not so many tower defense games that can pull it off quite like this one can. Buy and upgrade your units, and defend your bunker!

35. BreakBall

Now, hitting a ball against a wall may not sound like much fun, but this game is addictive! Using your mouse as a bat, hit the ball against the wall to knock down the bricks. It is incredibly hard, but it will keep you entertained for many a boring seminar!

34. This Is The Only Level

Anyone who has played Shift will know exactly what to expect with this game. Guide your character (an elephant in this case) through one level. Yes, only one level. But every time that you think you have completed it, you start again. Each time there is a  little twist…It is great fun to play on your own, but better yet, get a workmate to play and watch as they die time and time again, thinking that their keyboard is broken!

Go on little elephant!

Go on little elephant!

33.D-Day Defender

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be one of the defenders on D-Day? Well here is your chance. It is highly addictive, and there are plenty of nice touches in it that you would not see in other browser games such as voice overs and cutscenes.

Defending the beaches.

Defending the beaches.

32. Diver

This game demonstrates that even flash games can have decent physics. Simply dive into the water and land between the two buoys. Simple right? Wrong.

Getting a good dive is harder than it looks.

Getting a good dive is harder than it looks.

31. Dead Frontier: Night 3

This simple yet fun zombie killer is a great addition to the series, which has made a name for itself with its top-down zombie shooter. Or if you want online multiplayer, check out Dead Frontier Online.

Die you...well you get the idea.

Die you...well you get the idea.

So that’s that for the next 9 games in this major roundup. Tune in later this week for the next parts, and the all-important #1!

Apologies to any games without screenshots!

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