Top 50 Free Browser Based Games: Part IV

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20. Boxhead The Zomie Wars

This game can be insanely addictive. It’s not much to look at, but by gum is it fun to play. All the characters look like something a kid would make out of Lego- if Lego could wield shotguns. You play as a character, not dissimilar to Rambo, as you face off against waves of the Zombie horde using a multitude of weapons. There are other games in the series, but this is the best, and the most recent.


19. Pandemic 2

This is the highly popular disease game that you may have heard about. You control a virus, parasite or bacteria with the aim of infecting the world, and then killing them. You can spread your virus across borders, on planes and on ships. Our disease here at Gamingbolt (SwineFlu!) got a high score of 750,000! See if you can beat that!


18. Age of War

This game encourages strategy, cunning and careful resource manipulation. Oh, and a hefty chunk of luck, particularly if you happen to be playing on the hardest setting. You can squeeze a few hours out of this game for sure, especially as it does take some time to work your way up to the highest epoch.


17. Last Stand

Prepare. For the Last Stand. Zombies. Guns. Ammo. You have to survive 30 days before the evacuation team arrives. Will you hold out? Only your mouse clicking and a crapload of zombies will tell.


16. Dealer

Do you have what it takes to shift the dope before the loan shark pops in to break your legs? Enjoy the virtual reality of a drug dealer in this gloriously un-PC flash game.


15. Ray Series

These games are really more interactive movies, but they are fun to play nonetheless. You ply Ray, a small time thug who carries out hits against his enemies. The animation is slippery smooth, and it seems to remind me of something…. There are 3 parts to the series, try them all out!


14. Interactive Buddy v1.01

You know when you get really angry, and all you want to do is punch something, set fire to someone, or shoot someone. Well here is your oppurtunity to take out all your anger. The game is exctly what is says on the tin- an interactive buddy!

interactive buddy

13. Tactical Assassin

There are many sniper games out there, but the TA series has been always been one of the best. Fiendishly difficult in places, it requires patientce- and a firm mouse.


12. Futuristic Arenas

If you don’t have the original game, but still crave your Quake fix, then this is the game for you. It is faced paced, the weapons have some nice kick, and the graphics are authentically dated (wait…did I say that out loud?).


11. Thing Thing Arena 3

In this run-and-gun, use your wits, and luck, to outgun your opponents. Kill your enemies in style!


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