Top 7 Most Stressful moments in Video Games

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We all know Video Games are fun. But there are some moments while playing when you feel like you just wanna shut the Television off since some of the game play becomes too stressful. We at take a look at such instances where we felt that we just need to sit back and rest and let the stress meter in our brains to reset.

1. Ninja Gaiden 2 (Final Boss Fight-Xbox 360)

Ninja Gaiden has always been ridiculously tough. The original game has been heralded as one of the most toughest games of all time. But its sequel which was released back in 2008 proved to be nuisance. The moment where we felt that the water was going above the nose was the final boss battle which took about three hours to beat. And on top of that there were no save points in between. During my first attempts at the final boss I was exhausted and out and STRESSED! Finally I had no option but to throw the controller (not break it :P), switch off the TV , take some rest. After a few hours I came back and beat the hell out of the final boss. Look at the thing going mad in the video below:

2. Resident Evil 3 (Fight against the Nemesis-PS1)

You will be seeing Resident Evil getting mentioned a bit more in this list. The reason is plain. Some of the game play and boss battles are somewhat extremely frustrating and stressful. The Nemesis must go down as one of the most POWERFUL and NEVER ENDING boss fights in a video game. The moment you start off with the game you will be battling the nemesis at least 50 times throughout the game. He will catch you in the garden, lanes, trains and just about everywhere. Back in 2001 I played this game and when the limit crossed I had no option but to pull the plugs: of the console and my brains! For more on Nemesis, see the video below:

3. Mortal Kombat IV (Fight against Motaro and Shao Kahn- Sega Genesis)

Mortal Kombat is considered by many as the pioneer of “violence” in fighting games. Well according to me it almost became the first video game to take the life of a gamer. I was around about 13 years when I was playing this game. The levels were amazingly stressful and frustrating! I was so hyped up that I wanted to play and end this game real quick. Some of the earlier fights in the game were damn tough and I made them through. But the final boss fights against Motaro and Shao kahn almost took my life! While fighting against Motaro my blood pressure raked up so HIGH that I almost fainted and I felt my heart has sopped beating! That was it! I never played MK IV ever again!

4. Grand Theft Auto IV (Final Fight- PS3 and Xbox 360)

You are Niko Bellic. There are two possible endings in the game. The first one almost got me mad! In one of the endings if you choose to vow revenge on Dimitri you will first of all fight against his army of over 20 people at his drug house. And if that is not enough you will be chasing a helicopter on your motorbike! There is a bit of timing required to cach up with the helicopter later in the chase! Man that took me forever and I literally started banging my head with my hands!!!!!!!!!

5. Devil may Cry (The entire game- PS2)

Why do they make difficult games? Do they wanna kill us? Devil May Cry might be one of the best hack n slash Video games of all time! But after finishing the game ( of course i felt satisfied) my fingers were sore and I could not write my notes in my college for three days! WTF! Featuring mind boggling boss battles and blood rising game play, sure Devil May Cry is not good for your health just as Cigarettes!

6. Shadow of the Colossus (Final Boss Fight-PS2)

The game is hands down EPIC! I still love and play it a few times on my friends PS2 ( I sold mine when i moved to next gen gaming). The first 16 colossi battles were tough but they were fun. I am not saying that the last battle was LAME or something! But when you reach the last boss , first of all the Colossi will throw electric balls at you! After escaping that, you have to climb the giant monster! The thing is that the Colossi itself is a huge puzzle which took me ages to solve! This was the height of STRESS!

7. Resident Evil 4 ( Fight with Jack Krauser-PS2 and GC)

Resident Evil 4 set the bar on how action-horror games should be made. The game had some awesome and not so stressful boss fights! But one boss fight that caught me bad was the fight between Leon and and his old friend Krauser. The amazing or rather the frustrating thing about this game was the agility of Karuser! This dude can escape from any damn thing: ShotGun, Missiles and donno what else! I still remember that I was Playing this game way back in 2005 and the timing was wrong! It was 12 in the night and I was stressed! In My entire dreams Karuser was coming and beating the hell out of me…uh… I mean Leon!!!!!!!!!

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