Top 7 Super Flop Games Of 2011 So Far

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In my personal opinion, 2011 till this point has been great for the industry with some major exclusives and AAA experiences releasing for almost every platform out there. However there are some games out there that simply should not have existed or disappointed gamers in some way or the other.

Today we take a look at seven of those games which we consider the super flops of 2011.

7. Socom 4 US Navy Seals


Socom 4 is game that may be a flop or a hit for some. It depends on which side you stand on. SOCOM 4 ticks most of the necessary boxes. The problem comes in that there is no reason to recommend it to you over any of the other hundreds of more accomplished and unique titles that adorn the store shelves. You want fast-paced gunplay? Go get CoD or Crysis 2. You want tactical shooting action? Grab GRAW2 or Rainbow Six Vegas on the cheap.

6. Star Raiders

Remakes of classics are not a bad thing, but remake of almost a two decade old game with seriously outdated gameplay mechanics is.Granted, this new version looks better than its predecessor – or at least, it looks a little better than it did in the 8-bit days – but it’s still missing a vital element, fun. Space just doesn’t seem that big, or interesting. A few asteroids or enemies appear from time to time but there’s nothing really to retain your interest. Sure, space isn’t known for its scenery but the hugely repetitive environments are unimaginative and dull.

5. Kung Fu Panda 2

The first was not impressive and the sequel is just the same thing. I would consider the very fact that this game has been released a crime. If someone commits a crime I would report them to every government body in the hope of shutting them down. This is what I want to do with Kung Fu Panda 2. A short and uninspired romp that lasts no more than three hours is not worth the asking price in the slightest.

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