Top 7 Wii games for Hardcore gamers

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We all know the Wii lacks in providing hardcore gamers the gritty and visceral experience that they crave, as well as making use of some of the online options. But being a new Wii owner I searched for the most hardcore games and I stumbled upon 7 unique games that give the players a fun and new way of playing games.

7. Zelda Twilight Princess

This game in my opinion is the second best in the series next to A Link In The Past. It was the first Wii game to really offer good motion controls, ranging from hacking with you’re sword to shooting arrows. This game is also one of the longer Wii titles out, my first play-through clocked in around 13 hours. A must have for any Wii owner.


6. Conduit

Being the first FPS game made specifically for the Wii it does a good job at it. Being one of the first games to implement Wii Motion Plus, it’s tight controls made the game a blast on the Wii. The only downfall to this great title was the paper thin story. There are some cool moments full deceit but in the end the story was forgettable. The multiplayer, if you can find a good match, is a fun experience and is a great reason why Nintendo should work on their online service. Overall a great FPS and if you own a Wii and love the FPS genre then this is the game for you.


5. No More Heroes

From the creators of one of the most original Gamecube titles, Killer 7, brings you No More Heroes. This game is almost as flashy and stylish as Killer 7. With a quirky plot, where the player buys a laser Katana from a online store and is forced to kill the worlds top 11 assassins to become number 1. This game offers fun and original gameplay and with the sequel up ahead it’s the perfect time to pick this game up and give it a spin.


4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This is the ultimate party game for any gamer. With well over 20 Nintendo characters and multiple challenges, there is something for almost anyone to love. The simple yet complex combos and powers available make it a game you want to pick up and master. I have spent many days and weekends playing this with friends and it still never gets old. If you own a Wii and don’t own this game you should be ashamed.


3. Resident Evil 4

The Wii version of the classic is even scarier with the Wii controls. If you have not played this before, and even if you have, the Wii version is worth picking up. And being one of the first games on the Wii to feature blood, ‘gasp!’, it set a path for developers to not be scared with experimenting on the Wii as you will see with the next two games.


2. Dead Space Extraction

A prequel to the hit Dead Space, Extraction adds some new layers to the rail gun genre. I will admit that at times this game paces a little slow but when the Necromorphs appear it’s some of the best fun anyone will have playing a Wii game. The story is what makes you wantt to keep playing this game. Fans of the original will really appreciate what Extraction does in means of giving a back story to what happened on the ship in the original.


1. Madworld

This game is BLOODY. I emphasized that because it’s bloodier and more gruesome than Gears Of War. This is one of those games that just never gets old. You play as Jack who is in a televised “sport” where he is forced to kill as many people as possible to continue to the next stage. With a plot like that what’s not to like? The graphics resemble the art style of Sin City, where it’s in black in white but the blood is shown in a bright and vibrant red. Another cool aspect of the game is that almost anything in the environment can be used as a weapon, such as shoving stop signs down opponents throats. Did I mention you have a chainsaw attached to you’re arm?! Every time you swing the Wii mote you chop people in half with the chainsaw. But the best thing about the game is the Blood Bath Challenges. These are mini-games where you try to kill as many people in a certain way under a certain amount of time. As you can see this is a bloody, gruesome, yet fun game.


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