Top 8 Xbox 360 exclusives PS3 owners would die for

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In response to the brilliant article by (Top 10 PS3 exclusives Xbox owners would die for), we present to you our very own Top 8 Xbox 360 exclusives PS3 owners would die for. So without waiting let me present you the games:

Mass Effect 2

Although rumors are there for a PS3 version, but nothing is official and the game is still a console exclusive for the Xbox 360. Mass Effect 2 will take place two years after the events of Mass Effect 1. The Reapers have been stopped from destroying Citadel and Saren is dead. Shepard now faces a new threat which is responsible for the destruction of many human colonies. Due to this Shepard has to team up with a new organization known as Cerebrus. Nothing much has been revealed concerning the plot, and Bioware have been pretty tight lipped about the story of the game. Man Bioware, cmon give us a PS3 version!

Alan Wake

Remedy believe the game will play out as a psuedo-episodic narrative, the missions serving to underline distinct sections of the plot. The overall feel of a ‘dramatic television series’ is promised. There is also no multiplayer element to the game, the developers instead focussing on a killer singleplayer experience: “We’d much rather give the players a great single-player game, than a mediocre single and multiplayer game,” offers Järvilehto. And if the E3 demo was anything to go by, PS3 owners will be missing this game.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Announced way back in 2007, Splinter Cell Conviction has been a stories of many delays. The initial promotions and the videos of the game showed Sam Fisher looking pretty old and he has also grown a beard. Since than the game has undergone many changes in the gameplay as well Sam Fisher getting a fresh look for the game. So the game takes place a couple of years after Double Agent, and Sam Fisher is damn serious this time around. This time he’s on the look out for the murderers of his daughter, Sarah. He’s looking for answers and truth behind the incident that killed his daughter in a car accident. Too bad that a PS3 version is not in the works.

Halo Reach

Hate it, ignore it or love it. We all know what Halo is to the gaming industry and what impact does it makes whenever it descends on Microsoft’s console. One of the best selling games this generation was also one from the franchise: Halo 3. I wish if Bungie will make a PS3 version! Oh man I have a bad habit of dreaming.

Forza Motorsport 3

I already know that Playstation 3 has Gran Turismo 5, so why I am listing this game here? The reason behind that is simple: The more the merrier. Just imagine if this game ever comes out on the Playstation 3 than Sony’s beast will have no competition to beat at least in the racing genre.

Left 4 Dead 2

Another console exclusive for the 360 and another winner that Microsoft has. The sequel is back again and Valve given its pedigree sure will deliver a AAA game like its predecessor. The game will feature 5 new maps and multiplayer cant get any bigger than what Left 4 Dead 2 will provide. Is there anything “Left 4 the PS3”?

Fable 3

With support for Project Natal, Fable III is going the be one of the best role playing games of 2010. The PS3 doesn’t have Natal so I am not sure how this game can come over to the PS3, but if they implement something like that on PlayStation 3 than a lot of developers will support it and yes we can have Fable III as well.

Gears of War 3

I don’t know when its coming or on which platform its coming. But one thing is for sure this will be another Microsoft exclusive and this one will be huge. Selling a combination of over 10 million for the first two games, we know Gears of War 3 has the capability to break that sales on its own. If this comes on the PS3, we are in for a big one.

So folks what games you want on the PS3?

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