Transistor Mega Guide: Tests, Function Files, Limiter Files And More

A complete guide for Transistor.

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Transistor is a science fiction action role playing video game by Supergiant Games, the studio behind the critical hit Bastion.  The game is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. In order to make your journey easy through the game we have compiled a guide for unlocking every trophy/achievement. Using this guide you will also become aware about Tests, Function Files and Limiter Files.

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Trophies Guide:

Below you will find the complete guide for unlocking every trophy in the game.

Plat()  — Earn all other Trophies.

Unlock every other trophy in the game to unlock this platinum tropy.

Drive() — Reach the Goldwalk District.

Sandbox()  — Clear one of each Test.

You will come across “Backdoors” which will lead you to start tests. Complete all the tests to unlock this trophy. Note that this trophy is only available during the second play through.

Speed()— Complete each Speed Test.

You need to complete all 7 speed tests. The video guide is below:

Stability() — Complete each Stability Test.

Planning() — Complete each Planning Test.

Performance() — Complete each Performance Test.

You need to face 7 different tests with an increasing number of enemies each level. You can use either the Crash() or the Bounce() functions to make your way across. This will require a second playthrough.

Agency() — Complete each Agency Test.

Anything()  — Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Everything()  — Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Both the trophies above can be unlocked using the guide below.

Contest()  — Clear every Test.

You need to complete every test to unlock this trophy. This won’t appear until New Game +.

Bye() — Complete the story.

Goodbye()  — Recurse through the story.

This is basically the New Game+ mode. You will carry over your functions and experience, enemies will be harder to defeat and bosses have more health.

Bet()  — Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.

Dare()  — Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.

Risk()  — Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.

Use the video guide below to unlock the two trophies above.

Search()  — Inspect five completed Function Files.

Find()  — Inspect 10 completed Function Files.

Reveal()  — Inspect all completed Function Files.

The three trophies above can be unlocked by completing function files. You need to use a limiter in a battle in each of the active, upgrade and passive slot. You need to complete this for all of the 16  functions.

Process()  — Inspect all completed Limiter Files.

In order to complete a Limiter, the player needs to use them once in battle by equipping them at an Access Point. The player needs to do this for all 10 limiters.

News()  — Use 10 different OVC Terminals.

Don’t ignore the Terminals, you will get them easily during your playthrough.

Function() — Unlock every Transistor Function.

There are 20 functions in total, and your last function is unlocked once you have reached User Level 13

Limiter() — Unlock every Process Limiter.

There are 10 Process Limiters you will unlock. You unlock the last one at User Level 15.

User()  — Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

You unlock the last slot at User Level 20, so you will need to start New Game +.

Stack()  — Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.

Combine Void(), Cull(), Tap(), and Help() into a single function.

Memory()  — Unlock 32 MEM.

The user needs to get the last memory upgrade to boost to level 32 once you reach user level 16.

Align()  — Achieve User Level 8.

Focus()  — Achieve User Level 16.

One()  — Achieve User Level 24.

The above three trophies can be unlocked by reaching level 24. So you might need to begin new playthrough in New Game ++. Use limiters to gain XP.

Hidden/Secret Trophies:

Reisz()  — Confront Sybil at the Empty Set.

Spine()  — Confront the Spine at the Bracket Towers facade.

Kendrell()  — Confront Grant and Asher at Bracket Towers.

Bracket()  — Confront Royce beyond Cloudbank.

The above three trophies are story related and cannot be missed.

Self()  — Upgrade a Function with a copy of itself.

The player needs to unlock the capability to choose a second copy of a Function at level 14. The player needs to simply chane the function at an access point and place a copy in a slot.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Transistor here.

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