Two New Heroes Revealed for Battleborn

Those are some pretty cool characters.

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The highly anticipated multiplayer action game, Battleborn, just had two new playable characters revealed. The new characters seem to be fascinating in terms of how they slot into the game’s lore, as well as in terms of their abilities- both, passive and active.

The new characters include Ghalt and Deande- a military veteran and a spymaster respectively. Their abilities are properly outlined below:


Weapon: UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun

  • Ghalt’s customized UPR shotgun deals incredible damage at short range, but is weaker at greater distances. Holding LT aims down sight for more precise shots.

Passive: Tactical Shells

  • The last 4 shots in Ghalt’s Revolver Shotgun cylinder deal 25% additional damage.

Skill 1: The Hook

  • Fire out an energy hook that pulls enemies to you.

Skill 2: Scraptrap

  • Deploys a trap to a target location, stunning nearby enemies for 2 seconds and then exploding dealing 133 damage. A maximum of 2 traps can be deployed simultaneously.

Ultimate: Dual Wield

  • Ghalt equips a second shotgun, doubling his damage output for 10 seconds.


Weapon: Tessurim War Fans

  • Deande’s primary melee combo (RT) strings a series of rapid melee strikes, while her secondary attack (LT) hurls her fans at foes for ranged damage.

Passive: The Element of Surprise

  • For 3 seconds after uncloaking, all of Deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage.

Skill 1: Holotwin

  • Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry the decoy explodes for 20% damage.

Skill 2: Burst Dash

  • Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage and pushing back enemies. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.

Ultimate: Blink Storm

  • Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning enemies and dealing 50 damage per hit.

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