Valkyria: Azure Revolution Getting Major Changes Based On User Feedback

It’s a literal laundry list, so bring your reading glasses in with you.

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Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the next installment in the Valkyria Chronicles series, will be launching in Japan later this year- and ahead of that launch, Sega have incorporated a lot of changes into the game, based on feedback that they got from users who played the ‘Battle Trial 1.0’ beta.

The full list of changes is exhaustive and wide ranging, leading to better graphics and improved RPG mechanics in the game. You can check out the full list of everything that is changed below:


Removal of Encounters:


  • “Separating the battle in shooting and melee phases influences the tempo of the fight negatively.”
  • “The limit of the battle area is unsatisfactory. I want to fight in a much larger area.”
  • “It’s disturbing to fight in plain sight of enemies that will do nothing because they’re outside of the battle area.”

Implementation of an action gauge:

*The gauge shows when an action will become possible over time. It’ll be implemented for both allies and enemies.


  • “I want to be able to ponder more on the tactics.”
  • “It’s too unbalanced towards action. I want it to be more similar to a tactical RPG.”

Review of the weapon balance: 

*such as improvement of damage.


  • “the sniper rifle is too weak.”
  • “Guns are unsatisfactory if they can be used only at long range. I want to be able to mix melee and long range.”

Actions (such as healing and weapon attacks) changed so that it’s possible to select them while time is stopped:


  • “The process to throw grenades is confusing. I want you to indicate the direction of the throw before it’s done.”
  • “It’s hard to understand what each icon related to the actions does.”

Make “Emotions” (Including triggering conditions) clear and effective. Setting different stages for the changes of “Emotions:”


  • “I couldn’t easily understand the effect of emotions.”
  • “It’s hard to understand what kind of advantages emotions can provide.”

Strenghtening the level-up system:

*The feeling of joy in growing


  • “I didn’t know what improved when I leveled up.”
  • “It’s difficult to gauge the current level.”

Overhaul of the effects of attacks on the enemy:


  • “I want the relative merits of weapons explained.”
  • “I want to understand the details and the difference in performance of each attack.”

Improvement of camera controls:


  • “The camera was too close during combat.”
  • “The view point was confusing.”

Display the evaluation criteria of the battle results:


  • “I had no idea on how to get an S Rank.”
  • “The method of evaluation of my performance in battle was unclear.”

Overall adjustment of the game pace, and of the tempo of battle “between thinking:”


  • “The overall flow of battle is too fast, and it’s hard to get accustomed to it.”
  • “I don’t want an action game. I want it to be more of a strategy combat game.”

Other general adjustment to make it interesting as an RPG:


  • “I feel that the gameplay was too limited to an action game.”
  • “It felt in the middle, neither simulation nor action.”


Increase the speed of movement for characters and the responsiveness to input:


  • “The characters were too slow.”
  • “I feel that the battle pace is off.”

Implementation of Dash:


  • “I want a dash action to be usable to take advantage of opportunities.”
  • “I want an action that can be used to approach or retreat quickly.”

Implementation of Guard:


  • “I want to be able to use a defense action.”
  • “I feel like defensive actions are insufficient.”

Change of the attack action to the standard button [Editor’s note: circle for Japan]:


  • “Normal attack on square makes it difficult to follow up.”
  • “I instinctively pressed circle to attack.”

Removal of special attacks on triangle button:


  • “The difference between special attacks and normal attacks was unclear.”
  • “It’s difficult to understand the effect of the special attack. It doesn’t feel comfortable.”

Clarification of the range of attacks:


  • “The range and the lock distance did not feel consistent.”
  • “The range of hand grenades and smoke grenades was difficult to understand, so i wasted ammunition.”

Clarification of stealth operation (discovered or hidden):


  • “It was hard to understand the visibility range and the range at which you switch to battle.”
  • “It was difficult to understand the range in which the enemy would detect you.”

Clarification of the targeting (aim) and the effective range of skills;


  • “It was hard to understand when it was good to use abilities like hand grenades or smoke.”
  • “I want an aiming and attack range display.”

Party and AI

Change the number of members of the party from three to four:


  • “I want tactical gameplay among party members.”
  • “I want to be able to play with many different characters.”

Ability to give simple instructions to party members/ability to choose general behavior instructions/implementation of ability to deny an action:


  • “It’s impossible to give instructions to AI characters and we can only act together. There’s no tactical gameplay.”
  • “I’d like to be able to give orders like “follow,” “attack all-out,” “spread out” and more.”

Improvement of companion AI:


  • “It’s annoying when characters do something I don’t want them to.”
  • “I get discovered because of my allies, it’s better not to have them around at times.”

Improvement of enemy AI:


  • “The enemies are too passive. I want to see them perform different tactical actions.”
  • “I don’t need to be careful because the enemy doesn’t act smartly. I can just move by them.”

Battle/ Map and Events

Implementation of traps like mines and improvement of the action on the map:


  • “I’d like to see tactical element on the map.”
  • “I’d like to be able to attack using features of the environment.”

Improvement of the battlefield feeling (map, effects, NPC, etc.);


  • “There isn’t enough durst and dirt on the stage.”
  • “I’d like to see other fiendly units on the battlefield.”

Implementation of an item box and of a supply point:


  • “The bullets I was given for the sniper rifle was too low.”
  • “I’d like to be able to replenish supplies on the map.”


Improvement of the graphics engine “GOUACHE”:


  • “I expect more innovation for visuals.”

Improvement of SE (Sound Effects);


  • “Sound effects feel too weak.”
  • “I’s like to hear more variety for sound effects.”

Improvement of effects:


  • “Visibility is excessively poor when a smoke screen is active.”
  • “Magic effects are too small, and it’s hard to see if they hit the target.”

Improvement of character models:


  • “The model of the hero doesn’t feel cool enough.”

Options/User Interface

Improvement of options, improvement of button association with commands, overhaul of the battle UI:


  • “I’d like to set the position of the camera.”
  • “It’s hard to see the HP bar of the enemies. It’s way too small.”

Improvement of the minimap and ability to see the full strategy map:


  • “Since you can’t see the full map, but only the minimap, it’s hard to find the right direction.”
  • “With only a small area of the map, it’s hard to search for your target.”


Implementation of story events:


  • “I didn’t understand the story and the world view.”

Implementation of over ten playable characters:


  • “I’d like to control a lot more characters.”

Implementation of different difficulty settings:


  • “It’s too hard for me. I’d like to play it at an easier difficulty.”
  • “I’d like a harder level of difficulty.”

Improvement of the squad, weapons and magic:


  • “I want to be able to equip a shield on a character.”
  • “I’d like a better variety of weapons.”
  • “I’d like to have magic to weaken the enemy at my disposal.”

Implementation of customization for weapons and magic:


  • “I’d like to customize the array of sub weapons and guns.”

Implementation of gameplay in interiors:


  • “I’d like map variations like the ability to enter buildings or climb ladders.”

Implementation of day/night cycle:


  • “I’d like to fight night battles.”

Improvement of background music switching:


  • “The music tracks seemed too sparse.”

Implementation of a “dandy” male character [Editor’s note: probably “dandy” is intended as an older gentleman]:


  • “There are no older men between the characters.”

Removal of Ophelia’s leggings:


  • “Those leggings…”

All of these changes will also be reflected in the Battle Trial 2.0 beta test, which it was announced will be releasing in Summer. The game itself, meanwhile, is due out sometime this Winter.

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