Valkyria Chronicles 4 Info Blowout: Character Details, New Screenshots And More

New details revealed for the upcoming RPG.

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The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed a batch of new screenshots as well as information about the main characters and the new grenadier class. The game will explore the second Europan war through the eyes of Commander Claude and his childhood friends. As Europa is a fictional representation of Europe itself, the game will draw upon real events as inspiration for the story.

The new grenadier class will use a grenade launcher and is deadly when fighting from a distance. The grenadier’s attacks can bypass cover, making his/her skills devastating from a distance. However, the grenadier cannot attack an enemy who is right in front, so it would make sense to always fight from a distance. Also, the game will mark a return of the “BLiTZ”  system, thereby taking  the series back to its tactical roots. This system basically makes use of Command Points (CP) and Ability Points (AP) which determine a character’s movement and action.

Additionally, here are some details of the main characters whom you can also see in the screenshots (via Dualshockers):

Claude Wallace (voiced by Ryousuke Kanemoto): The protagonist. Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E squad leader and tanker. A first lieutenant. He is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer. He also fights from his tank, the Hafen-Go. He inspires his team to fight the best they can but he also tries to ensure that they all remain safe. Claude will be able to use his tank known as the Hafen-Go. It is a tank with high attack power but low armor as compared to imperial tanks.

Riley Miller (voiced by Nao Touyama): The heroine. A member of the Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Batallion’s Heavy Weapons Support Team. A grenadier. A second lieutenant technician. She is positive and cheerful, and ambitious in that she pushes forward without fear of failure. She fights with a grenade launcher called “Magic Cylinder” and boasts an amazing hit rate.

Raz (voiced by Kazuya Nakai): A division officer of Squad E. Since he is of the persecuted “Darcsen” people, he does not have a last name. He belongs to the infantry class of the army. He leads in the front and shares a close bond  with Claude.

Kai Schulen (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto): A division officer of Squad E and a prodigy sharpshooter known as the “One Shot Killer”. She is a genius sniper and prefers to be quiet and to talk bluntly. However, she has a nice personality and is the best at what she does.

You can check out the screenshots below which showcase the characters and combat in the game.

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