Video Games Can Cause Injuries Too. Here Are Ten of Them

Sometimes fun is not so joyous.

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Ah! 21st century! Such nice and delightful ways to enjoy life! All these advances in the field of science and technology have us relaxing and unwinding while our work gets done at the tip of our fingers. Well, most of it. And then we have video games to thank for the wholesome and fulfilling entertainment that they provide with the comfort of our bean bag and even on the go. Oh and we all have had those tetchy and testy moments with our mums shouting in our ears to get our rumps moving a bit once a while or to try and get some shut eye for the sake of ourselves if not for others.

It’s only so long before you realise that something’s wrong. In this day and age, we have everything we need right at a moment’s notice. Our work and entertainment has been bound to ogling at bright screens and tapping keys and buttons. In our pursuit of meeting deadlines and most importantly setting time aside for our entertainment, we give our screaming bodies a cold shoulder.

Video games are a great way to spend your leisure time, but they often come at a cost because of our ignorance and proud display of our sustenance limits; costs that are too great at times. Up next are 10 reasons why video games can be a profound butt hurt to us. Literally so.

10. Let’s start with: Benumbed Rear – “Anesthesia? What for, doc?”


This picture here nicely encapsulates what my rear feels like after about an hour of playing on my PC. Except, it doesn’t do it perfectly. In fact, one hour of continuously having my hind unmoved makes it completely numb.

It gets more than just annoying. This problem may present itself as paresthesia, which is caused by damage to the sensory nerves and yes, excessive sitting can do that. Unceasingly having to sit on your bottom may over time result in reduced sensation. On top of that, damage to nerves over time means that in the future, you may have difficulty in sitting or walking comfortably. So the next time you’re punching buttons on your controller or keyboard, remember to get up and move about a bit. Apparently moving about solves a lot of these problems. Try for yourself.

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