What’s Your Game Time?

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Some people like to game for hours on end. Some people like to game a little here and a little there. And then there are people like this who are clearly the pinnacle of hardcore gamers.

But the question is, how long do you game for?

1-5 Hours Per Week

This is a pretty low amount of gaming by most ‘gamers’ standard. This is probably the amount of time you might spend gaming if you work long hours, or just aren’t interested. This amount is, of course, perfectly healthy, but if you find yourself only gaming a couple of hours a week, it probably isn’t your thing.

Recommended genres: Puzzle games, rythm games and sports games

Title: The Can’t Be Arsed Gamer

6-10 Hours Per Week

This is the standard amount of game time for the average casual gamer. You obviously enjoy gaming, but not enough to lose yourself in one game for hours on end.  Chances are, you prefer games like Serious Sam over Deus Ex.

Recommended genres: Shooters and all above

Title: The Casual Gamer

11-20 Hours Per Week

Most gamers will find themselves in this bracket. Not quite enough gaming to get in the way of other stuff, but we are definitely venturing into the more hardcore category here. Maybe you game for a couple of hours in the evening, with a little extra on the weekends.

Recommended genres: RPG’s, strategy games and all above

Title: The Big Time Gamer

21-30 Hours Per Week

Hardcore what? If you find yourself gaming comfortably past 20 hours a week, every week, there could be a problem. Or, if you don’t want to time yourself, game as normal for a few days. Use the same controller. If, after that time, you find said controller stuck to your hands with sweat, you are probably gaming this amount of time. Make that a definite if you haven’t been to the toilet .

Recommended genres: RPG’s, MMO’s and all above

Title: The Hardcore Gamer

31+ Hours Per Week

Now if you look like this- and by ‘this’ I mean a hugely overweight, unshaven 40-year old virgin, then I suggest that you throw all your video games into a safe and spin the dial.

Recommended genres: Everything.

Title: The Ultra-Hardcore-Maniac-Super-Duper Gamer

Well there you have it. The varying degrees of gaming. From snatching a few hours after work every day to having massive LAN parties, you are bound to fit in somewhere.

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