What’s your Gamer Face?

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As a continuation of our Gaming features, we at GB have decided to ask you, the gamers, What’s your gamer face?

You probably don’t notice it, but you can make some very strange facial expressions while gaming. You might twitch, contort, let your jaw drop, or even cry. We have a bunch of images here to compare yourself to, so next time you are fragging some dudes, or burning some rubber, just take a second to check the mirror- and see what kind of wierd face you’re pulling.

The ‘Way-Too-Happy’ Face

No one should looks this happy while gaming.

Our friend here is a classic example of the ‘way-too-happy’ face. The eyes are wide, the smile is broad and somewhat leery- yep, this guy is having way too much fun.

The Bored Face

Notice the vacant expression.

Here we have what is categorically known as the bored face. The polar opposite to our friend on ecstasy at the top of the page, this guy is clearly either concentrating very hard, not interested, or on a whole different type of drugs altogether.

The Dual-O Face

Nintendo, you ain't kidding anyone. Over 70's do not play the Wii.

I’m sorry, but there is simply no other word to describe these two. They are clearly having even more fun than the first guy….and they appear to be having it somewhat explosively.

A little while ago, The New York Times reported that a British photographer called Robbie Cooper decided to run an experiment. He wanted to see the kind of faces kids pulled while playing video games. You might expect him just to get several images of teenagers and children with fairly blank, vacant expressions- the reality is not only hilarious, but interesting too.

Surprised Face

In another world...

The child in this picture was playing Grand Theft Auto IV (Yes, that game. And yes, he is too young to really play it.). However, after extensive playthroughs of the game, I don’t think that anything is that surprising! In fact, he kind of reminds me of the Dramatic Chipmunk.

Crying Face

We know just by looking at his face that he played some crappy game!

Aw, come on now, don’t cry! This boy was playing the Hulk game, which I’m fairly sure contains little to no story or emotional attachment to the characters. I have to admit though, extended play time does sometimes make my eyes water (but that’s just from looking a the screen).

The Focused Face

Don't disturb me!

Whether playing a game of Chess or solving some ridiculously difficult puzzle, above is a cracking example of a focused gamer. It seems that even an earthquake wont take her concentration away!

The Frustrated Face

Yes shout! Until you swallow the damn computer itself!

Ok! We all know how it feels to have not cleared a boss level even after twenty attempts or maybe got yourself beaten up by some really nasty ninjas in Ninja Gaiden. So what will you do? The image above gives you the answer. You will roar like a dragon and wish you could turn the world upside down. And believe, we don’t blame you for it!

The Determined Face

Don't mess with him!

There are some gamers who simple don’t give up, unlike the woman with the Frustrated Face. These folks will come back again and again until they have kicked their enemies butt. And boy does it show on their face. Just take a look at that piercing expression.

Think you’ve got a good Gamer Face? Get a friend to snap you at your most inopportune moment and send it in to will@gamingbolt.com, and we might put you in the feature!

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