Will the PSP Go be as successful as the previous versions before?

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Will the PSP Go be as successful as the previous versions before?

It looks like Sony has a habit of bringing new updates to its gaming systems every year. Last year Sony introduced PSP 3004, which was slimmer, lighter and was much portable than the PSP 2000. Now thats essentially a very good thing since its gives the end consumer much more options to play with or it might confuse some of the gamers who have less technical knowledge. Through this article we try to proove whether the PSP Go will indeed change the way that people play games on the PSP,  just like what the current generation of consoles have been successful at. Throughout this article I will be comparing the 3004 version of PSP with PSP Go. Hopefully this article will make clear whether gamers really need to buy a PSP Go or they should go for the cheaper and a much versatile PSP 3004.


1. Lightest PSP ever:

PSP Go is the smallest and the lightest version of the handheld portable which is going to be available pretty soon. The screen is 3.8 inches and has a resolution of 480 X 272. The PSP Go is indeed portable in every sense.

2. Great Design:

PSP Go must be one of the best looking electronic gizmos out there. The sliding feature looks like its directly taken from the modern mobile phones. Even when the slider slides out of the Go it looks like its pretty much small as compared to the previous versions. The design of PSP Go is such that the fingers will not slide over, an issue that many gamers including myself had with the previous versions of the PSP.

3. Great Connectivity options:

The PSP 3004 had some great connectivity options. PSP Go takes one step further by introducing Bluetooth which should make transfer of data quite accessible and should work with all Bluetooth enabled devices. Also the USB port and Video output have been retained. The PSP Go also includes 16 Gb flash memory which should be more than sufficient for storing music, videos, images and other multimedia stuff.



1. Games on PSP Go will have no value:

The original PSP was released to give the gamers multimedia experience on the go. But Sony also had made the PSP for one major reason: UMD. Through PSP, Sony had planned to make the UMD a popular format. But things never turned out the way it should have and UMD never prooved to be successful. Sony have announced that games on PSP Go will be downloadable through the Playstation Network. Now i am not telling that digital distribution of games is a bad thing, but the thing is when the games were on UMD, atleast your games had some value, so you can sell them off. With PSP Go, there will be no UMD, all games will be stored on your memory stick, therefore essentially all the games you buy on the Go will have no value. Also all of your UMD movies will not be playable on the PSP Go.


2. No Support for older PSP games:

Sony announced that games released after October 1st, 2009 for the PSP on UMD will also be downlodable so those can be played on the Go. Also a handful of older games will be given for downloading on the PSP Go. So what about old classical games like Loco Roco and Syphon Filter? With PSP Go, the range and the variety of PSP games that a gamer can buy is reduced.

3. Games released on PSP Go will be compatible with other PSP versions:

PSP Go isnt PSP 2. Its just a enhanced PSP with more multimedia and connectivity options. Yes the loading times will be better and performance of games will also better than the previous versions. But it wont be a major upgrade as the PS3 had over a PS2 or a 360 had over the original Xbox. Other than that all games released on PSP Go will be playable on the older versions.

So gamers, as you can see that I have listed out three positives and three negatives for the PSP Go. The PSP Go is a great device and will give the players great entertainment on the “GO”. But people who already have a PSP, they need not to buy a PSP Go, unless you really want to go for the PSP Go’s smaller size and its larger memory capacity. But as we all know it comes down to the games, since all of the great library of games is playable on the older versions, and the library of games reduced for the PSP Go, I would say that gamers should go for the older versions. At 249.99$ the PSP Go is sure to burn some holes in your pockets, so its an advice to all PSP lovers, go for the PSP 3004 or the older versions.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below?

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