World of Warcraft: Legion Mega Guide- Leveling Up Faster, Leather Gold Farming, Tips and Tricks, and More

A complete guide for World of Warcraft: Legion.

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Another new World of Warcraft expansion is here – and while the jury is out on whether or not this new one will go on to revive the MMORPG, and stem the bleeding of its playerbase (remember, the previous expansion, Warlords of Draenor, originally attracted so many players to the game that it grew to its largest player base in years, before its deficiencies became apparent, and players fled en masse), for now, millions of players worldwide will be getting together to try and master the newest expansion, and everything in it.

For the newcomer, this can be daunting- World of Warcraft has over 10 years of history, over 10 years of legacy. Where is someone new to the game, or returning to it after years of absence, to begin? Fortunately, that’s exactly the question that we will help answer for you with this guide. This guide covers everything and everything that there is to World of Warcraft: Legion, including preparing for the expansion, basic tips and tricks, a guide to leveling up faster, a guide to the game’s classes, as well as the best leveling spec for each class, a section explaining the best spot to farm some leather gold, a guide to artifacts, legendary items, and a guide to PvP.

Preparing For Legion:

Before you play World of Warcraft: Legion, you’d best be advised to collect some Heirloom trinkets. These are obtained by beating Mythic dungeons, and are going to be extremely useful in taking on the Legion invasion. These are five in total, with high chance of a drop each time you kill any boss in a Mythic dungeon, and no chances of duplicates. You are advised to stock up on as many of these as possible.

Get your professions ready- it is heavily recommended that you pick up both a gathering and a crafting profession, especially because Blood of Sargeras drops are rare in Legion.

Complete your Legendary Ring Questline. You can’t start the questline now if you haven’t already, but if you have started it, it is highly recommended that you finish it before moving on to Legion.

Read up on the lore! While you don’t need to be invested in the game’s backstory, it’s always more awesome when you understand the context for what it is that you are doing.

Tips and Tricks:

World of Warcraft is a daunting game, and it gets new layers of complexity with each new expansion. Legion is no different- there’s a whole lot going on here, such that any player, new or veteran, could probably do with some help. Happily enough, the video below will walk you through some beginner tips and tricks:

Leveling Up Faster:

Most World of Warcraft players know that the fun begins only after you have hit the level cap- but it’s hitting the level cap that can be a big pain, especially given how slow leveling can be in the first place. That’s where we come in- the video below will show you how to level faster.

Class Guide:

Classes are the bread and butter of any RPG, and especially MMORPGs- and World of Warcraft has a lot of them. Legion introduces new classes, as well as a lot of changes to the existing class system- these videos below walks you through all of that.

Best Leveling Spec For Each Class:

Curious about which leveling spec is the best for each class in World of Warcraft: Legion? We’ve got you covered- the video below shows you just those.

Best Leather Gold Farming Spot:

Farm some resources, and farm them fast. The video below shows the best leather gold farming spot in the game.


Artifacts are extremely powerful weapons that you really can’t do without- each Artifact Weapon has its own Talent tree in which you can unlock new abilities within your weapon, giving it more damage and more effects, making it even more powerful.

Artifacts are earned in game via a variety of activities, including:

  • Completion of any major quest line
  • Completion of class/spec specific quests
  • Killing bosses, including:
    • Dungeons bosses
    • Raid bosses
  • From Rare drops
  • Any other major activity in the game

Legendary Items:

Legendary items in are random world drops that have very powerful effects and can modify abilities- you can get these by completing a variety of activities, including:

  • World Quests
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • PvP Strongboxes

PvP Guide:

PvP is a major, and enduring, part of World of Warcraft, and that hasn’t changed in Legion either. This video below goes over the best talents, honor talents, macros and rotations for feral druid PvP (arena, duels, battlegrounds) in World of Warcraft: Legion.

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